Lesson in history How LTTE failed its people

Lesson in history How LTTE failed its people.
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7 Responses

  1. Vishnuu Param says:

    You can kill Prabhakaran but not the aspiration of Tamil Eelam

  2. samosam21 says:

    I have nothing against Tamil people but I must say I’m so glad that LTTE
    and the terrorist is gone for good.

  3. cittiking says:

    ltte flag is not ugly! are singalese flag king ? ltte wil newer loss

  4. cittiking says:

    amaram its bhetter you watch your mouth you dont know what is politick. so
    straight gett a fuck out here

  5. ruwan27 says:

    a flag resembles the organizations. freaking ugly

  6. kathal101 says:

    please CNN i meen it LTTE its not a torrist its a free doms fiters do you
    now the real history, how say taht , please dont go to one side, Mr rajiv
    make a mistake in 1980 s how many tamil people in kill that day do you now
    the history srilaka comerment one day ansor it

  7. amarab872 says:

    One thing they must do is to change that freaking LTTE flag! It doesn’t win
    peoples heart when they see the flag, its more like a pirate flag. But then
    again the LTTE was worse than a pirate group.. let us celebrate the end of
    LTTE, and the liberation of the Tamil people.

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