Lenses for Bird and Nature Photography: Birds As Art Style

Sponsored by Canon In this practical and educational slide program we will learn which Canon lenses—from the 8-15mm fisheye up to the 800mm f/5.6 L IS—Artie uses to create his amazing…
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  1. Scott Murphy says:

    I still use all AI/AIS Lenses with both my film and digital Nikons. After
    over 40 years of shooting, I have gotten to know these lenses so well I
    honestly don’t want to change. My 300mm f/2.8 ED-IF AIS is not bad at all
    to work with and is still very hand holdable with both the F4E and
    D700/MB-D10. I do find that my 80-200 f/4 comes in quite handy a good bit
    of the time. It is the one touch and it is simply a joy to use, very sharp
    and very easy to use.. My 600mm f/4 ED-IF AIS, which I affectionately refer
    to as “the Beast” (at 14+ pounds with the hood attached) is a superbly
    sharp and well made lens but it is NOT really handholdable, especially when
    you must manually focus it. A monopod generally is all that is really
    needed in most circumstances with it, but a sturdy tripod is ideal,
    especially with a 2x TC300 on it. Although it is not a very heavy tripod, I
    can usually do just fine with it on my 30+ year old Slik U-212.

  2. Stephen Cutajar says:

    What really impresses me apart from the amazing pictures is that you
    remember each lens including combination of teleconverters and settings
    used on every photo.

  3. Greg Chamberlain says:

    You know when I first started to watch you video, and looked at the first
    few frames I thought well he is okay at this. But I didn’t see anything
    really all the great. But as you went on I was wowed by some of the
    concepts and techniques that are utilized by you. Theeeeeeeen, really
    dynamic shots started popping up. I have to say you’re one helluva
    photographer. Some of us may never have some of the tools you posses in
    your gear bags, but it sure was nice to hear you speak from a a just your
    regular ol’ guy perspective. I’m not sure that I would even want to do bird
    and wildlife photography, but I can’t say that you don’t make it look like
    lots of fun.

  4. Green Plasticbag says:

    Ray Ramano.

  5. Aztec Airbrush says:

    Filter for a Tamron 150-600 mm lens ? (95mm)
    1 – Do you have that ?
    2 – Shipping to Quebec (Canada) ?

  6. Lolhhvb VhhLol says:
  7. P Rek says:

    Why no information about 400mm f/2.8 II?

  8. wolstenholme100 says:

    Mashpi Lodge, a cloud forest reserve in Ecuador, 2014.

  9. Paul Clements says:

    You have some of the finest pictures I have ever seen, not just for birds,
    I mean ever. I have been taking pictures for over 30 years, and there are
    none any where near the quality you have. I am now investing more time and
    money, in the hope I might get something vaguely similar.

  10. Pratiksha Sharma says:

    Try Youpic..its awesome place to create professional portfolio and get
    highlight at international level.

  11. Michael Hussey says:

    Wonderful moments in your photography work, u can also publish in Youpic.

  12. JB Wienerdogs says:

    Because a full frame camera at 100mm is seeing the image at 100mm
    A 1.6 crop sensor at 100mm is seeing a closer image because of the smaller
    sensor size. Think of it like zoom by 1.6 times.
    example 100mm x 1.6 = 160mm effective focal length.
    To have a full frame sensor camera see the image in the frame the same as
    the crop sensor camera, the full frame camera lens would have to be changed
    to 160mm.
    This is why crop sensor cameras are the body of choice for most wild life
    photographers . Because unless you have canon to sponsor you for 100,000 of
    camera gear and about the same to travel to exotic locations .
    Best bang for your buck! is a Canon 7D with a Canon100mm to 400mm 5.6f L
    the 7D has 8 fps, 18meg. And now that the 7D mark 2 is coming out in a
    month you are sure to start seeing the original 7D sell at 1000.00 new

  13. Mike Montalvo says:

    Lenses for Bird and Nature Photography

  14. Leendert Molenaar says:

    Great video!

  15. The Imageer says:

    great video, now uploading my own to help upcoming photographers

  16. TuanHung Hoang says:

    Thanks the master !

  17. willy ekariyono says:


  18. Stephan Ottow says:

    The very best “wildlife-gear” video I ever saw…greetings from Berlin!
    So am I get you right…if there is one lens…you would take the 500
    Bought these lens a few days ago used (Version 1)

  19. Tristan Van der Wereld says:

    Why do people think crop sensors increase the focal length of lenses?

  20. MrBluvenom says:

    Absolutely the best vid online on wildlife/nature photography that i’ve
    seen…BY FAR!!!! Even though I’m a NIKON user, like he said in the vid,
    it’s not the system. It’s absolutely your technique. Thank you so much for
    a spectacularly wonderful video!!!

  21. A C says:

    0:27……yes, this program is sponsored by Canon. I was hoping for no
    mention of business, but no such luck. Advertising, advertising, paycheck,
    kickbacks, royalties. Nothing else matters.

  22. Hellgap50 says:

    Yossi thanks so much for replying .I read the chipset issue from a website
    . I have been looking at the 2 specific lenses the sigma 150/500 and the
    100/400 canon so I thank you for your advice . I hope to try the sigma and
    really wished I had it today as a bald eagle was just out of reach for
    awesome shots. Ill be getting one soon. thanks kelly

  23. Hellgap50 says:

    thank you so much I am so lucky to have found this video. I am sure I will
    watch it several times before long . I am stuck I would like your honest
    opinion My wife bought me a canon t4i and now im finding out im very
    limited on what lenses work well and don’t have issues with processors or
    chipset issues. I want versatility but ide like to have the ability to zoom
    to 400mm will the 100/400 L series be the lens or would the 70 /300 f4 and
    a teleconverter be a better choice . Please reply thanks kelly

  24. Noushad GD says:
  25. B and H says:

    Please contact Arthur Morris directly at samandmayasgrandpa@att.net. Thank

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