Lego Hello World

“Lego felt tip 110” printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not mindstorms, I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the…
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25 Responses

  1. Karol mine says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! !!! !!!

  2. Adriano Gomes Benício says:

    Impressora feita com Lego!

  3. Jordan Sterling says:

    What?? A LEGO printer? This is amazing! 

  4. Jon lugo says:

    +Miguel A. Rivera Cordero +Jose Rivera 

  5. Szabolcs Faragó says:

    Song used in video

  6. SmilerRyan Gaming says:

    whoa! its made of Lego and so cheap to refill with ink!

  7. BBC600 says:

    I wish you made more demos showing off this awesome device!

  8. Alex minerS says:

    I would buy this over a 3d printer……

  9. Laser Tek Services says:

    Amazing LEGO Printer

  10. Ilia Iatusevitch says:

    shut up and take my bank account 

  11. Neil Lopez says:

    Amazing LEGO Printer

  12. Laser Tek Services says:

    Amazing LEGO Printer

  13. PursuedGamer says:

    Can I buy this from you? I’m being serious contact me with a price
    regardless how high (let’s keep it serious though, only what it’s worth.)

  14. Tuan Nguyen says:

    Toujours aussi sympa à voir

  15. That Bacon Strip says:

    First Invented By Bill Gates (Or whoever the guy who made windows is)

  16. Eric Altmann says:


  17. Chakat Northspring says:
  18. Joyce Cornell says:


  19. Ole Rasmussen says:
  20. Tatsuya Kawano says:


  21. Vlad Tomoiaga says:

    From scratch… Make a wiring board and tell then that is from scratch. But
    is awesome! :)

  22. JOHN GONZALEZ says:

    ensenalo a Isaac love you so much!!!./…

  23. James Tucker says:

    How. Do. You. Make. That

  24. HD faz says:

    what is the music called

  25. Minimegaprint - Stampa online says:

    Avete mai visto una stampante lego…funzionante?!

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