Lea & Perrins SORTED food – How to make the family favourite Shepherd’s Pie

Subscribe to the Lea & Perrins channel HERE: http://bit.ly/1l3NJVN SORTED food and Lea & Perrins team up to show you how to cook the family favourite, Shepherd’s Pie. The SORTED guys make…
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25 Responses

  1. Amy Ordman says:

    Love it when they say crisp up. 

  2. Philip Taylor says:

    This beats Gordon’s, Jamie’s, and Marcos shepards pies hands down. Well
    done guys

  3. SmilyLily1996 says:

    I really want to try a shepherd’s pie(it is not very known where I live so
    I saw it on pinterest a while a go for the first time). Though I think I
    will try the lentil version, since I don’t want the meat tbh… 

  4. nostalgiamyantidrug says:

    I live in New York and I have seen Shepherd’s Pie in a menu and ordered it.
    I was in an Irish Pub though so that might explain it. It was fantastic. 

  5. Hanna Mansford says:

    When i make shepherd or cottage pie I use about 1/4 parsnip in the mash. It
    really compliments the sharpness of the lea and perrins :)

  6. Rainbow Gardens says:

    I am making that ! TONIGHT! :))

  7. Jessica Sellers says:

    Is it 180* Celsius?

  8. Sophia Gomez says:

    Here’s a tip I picked up from a friend. To make the dish healthier, use
    equal parts of cauliflower to potato in the mash. Add the cauliflowers to
    the potatoes when they are half-cooked, just boil them up in the same pan
    with salted water. You don’t add cream, or milk, or butter. The cauliflower
    gives enough moisture to the potatoes so that no liquid is required
    whatsoever. Add chicken seasoning, garlic powder and black pepper to the
    mash, and you have a fantastic tasting mash! I’ve tried her Shepherd’s pie
    and it is divine. She uses onions, garlic, soy sauce, Lea and Perrins,
    tomato puree, chicken stock and a frozen vegetable medley along with lamb
    in her meat mixture. She serves it with Sriracha. Simply divine!

  9. Bianca L says:

    I make a veggie version of this with lentils and mushroom stock. I leave
    out the passata however, I prefer the mushroom taste to the tomatoes. I
    must admit you’re missing a KEY ingredient before the potatoes…corn
    kernels!! It’s the French Canadian way of doing “pâté chinois” 

  10. KurisuVplay says:

    Is it ok to leave out celery? I cant eat celery : S….

  11. James DeRuvo says:

    You lost me at Blue Cheese.

  12. Crumbs Food says:

    My utter favourite childhood dinner is shepherds pie. I had it every
    birthday from about 7 and love it still.

  13. Caitlin Maclatte says:

    Wasn’t the kettle yellow in the other episodes?

  14. ChubbynConx says:

    Could I change the lamb with beef or pork?

  15. jfatsnorlax says:

    the restaurants don’t do it because most can’t beat our mum’s.

  16. vanna8914 says:

    Who’s whistling?? 

  17. Carol Todhunter says:

    I went to Paris in 2012, couldn’t be bothered to hunt for food so just went
    into this cafe/restaurant next to our hotel. Had some “posh” stuff on the
    menu, then I saw Shepherd’s pie. Of course being a Brit I had to order it.
    It was absolutely gorgeous, had lamb mince and also tender cuts of lamb in
    it. I could of ate two portions.

  18. dzan50 says:

    I love these!
    btw shepard pie is a normal thing on the menu of old family restourants.

  19. Jonathan Huse says:

    The Ivy in London (a pretty famous restaurant) does a great Shepherd’s Pie
    that’s pretty heavy on Lea and Perrins.

  20. Natalia Hartanto says:

    is this sort of british home dish ? it’s similar like french food, hachi

  21. Anna Tobias says:

    I live in New York and I do see shepherd’s pie on the menu in
    pub/gastropub-type of restaurants.

  22. 2tipstea says:

    Thankyou so much for these Sorted.LEA & PERRINS is something i cannot do
    without, Keep a very large bottle in the fridge &I use it in almost
    everything so Cheerz .Much appreciated. 

  23. misshaack says:

    I live in the US and see Shepard’s pie on pub style restaurants menus quite
    a bit…
    They rarely look that tasty though!

  24. George Hughes says:

    I’ve seen shepards pie on a pub menu, it was made with chunks of lamb and
    ale, was delicious

  25. MissJoaniB says:

    We have this food on the menus of British pubs, in Canada – very much a
    classic staple there, with a Guinness or Old Speckled Hen.

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