Law School Advice 1: Is Law School Hard?

In this video, I try and explain whether or not I think law school is hard. The real answer is that law school is “different”, and this can create difficulty for some people.
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  1. lawschooladviceguy says:

    Any ideas for new videos? What stuff do you guys want to hear about? Next
    video is going to be “What major should I pick / what classes should I take
    in undergrad”. But let me know any suggestions you have

  2. lawschooladviceguy says:

    Just an FYI but I uploaded first new vid in almost 3 years (actually had
    this one saved on my comp from about a year ago but had never uploaded it),
    discussing some basic LSAT tips and advice. Check it out:

  3. Jules cid says:

    when you say ”every law school” does it involve other countries? 

  4. Jules cid says:

    i’ve never studied anything similiar to law in high school and we stopped
    studying geography and history last year im doing physiques but that’s only
    to graduate from highschool.Do you recommend studying or have extra classes
    before law school 

  5. Chris Laracuent says:

    What books do you recommend I should read before going to law school?

  6. mike howard says:

    I have a solid GPA, Excellent letters of recommendation, and I had my
    personal statement read by someone who gives out scholarships at our school
    and they told me it’s excellent. I have participated in Mock Trial and am a
    member of the pre law club at my school. I also work full time and have put
    myself through school My only problem is my LSAT score is not very good
    (138) I have a learning disability that makes me read at a slow rate, so it
    kinda feels like lsat is a test made for me to struggle at. I applied to
    get accommodations but LSAT did not give me the amount of time that was
    recommended. The school I want to go to is ranked 189 and I’ve talked to
    them and they said LSAT and GPA are important but there not the only thing
    they look at. Is this true or am I up the creek without a paddle. I have a
    job lined up when I am done with law school. I’ve taken the LSAT twice and
    I was told not to take it anymore then that. Any advice you can give would
    be great. Thank You. 

  7. Cortion Carter says:

    All law school students take Adderall 

  8. Baltej Gill says:

    What kind of math in high school should I take to get into college for
    legal studies I’m from Canada there pre calculus and foundations math ?

  9. Joseph Danh says:

    thanks bro for the video. I have a question. What do you do now? was law
    school worth it? did you learn about being lucrative after law school with
    experience ? For example, how to find clients, how to get a good job? etc

  10. Sam Smith says:

    So if I don’t study anything, I can get a C and not an F? 

  11. Annette Wojtowicz says:

    so are you saying that in every law school, its based on competition?

  12. Marcos Rodrigues says:

    Awesome video man

  13. Haben Dawit says:

    Thank you so much.
    I’m going to grade 9 this September but at least you gave me some
    background on this topic.

  14. SurviveWithMe says:

    Besides the one free practice LSAT on LSAC’s website, are there any more
    websites with free full LSAT prep tests and answers? I’m having a hard time
    finding any.

    Also, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree years ago. But recently, I spent 5
    months building a criminal and civil case around my daughter’s death since
    no one cared to investigate properly. I finally retained counsel a few
    weeks ago to be my mouthpiece and turned over to him a copy of all of my
    research, data, and evidence. He was so impressed he suggested I return to
    school to get my JD and told me he would hire me after completion (and I
    assume, pass the bar as well). The thing is….. I’m 50 years old and
    haven’t worked since my daughter was diagnosed with a severe illness 12
    years ago. What do you think? Would going for a law degree be too
    challenging in my circumstances….. based on what you’ve experienced?

  15. Christopher Fish says:

    jets aren’t doing so hot this year xD

  16. Omar_ Larkin says:

    I see it as being challenging as far as the exams and the grades go, but
    honestly i look forward to law school.

  17. Joel Sydrich says:

    thanks! *subscribed*

  18. Lawrence Balanovsky says:

    Washington university in st. Louis does not have a forced curve and its a
    top 20 school.

  19. TheProSeProPerClub says:

    Law school may be hard, however, learning the law is easy. We live in the
    information age, and anyone that takes the time can understand our laws and
    our courts rules and procedures in a very short time. Everything a person
    needs to know is available in step by step Practice Manuals lawyers use to
    win cases and have cases dismissed. The same information is available to
    everyone free of charge in our Law Libraries.

  20. Polo GTM says:

    Do you have a video on writing a personal statement? I’m working on mine

  21. Ticklish Guys says:

    Yes or no question; are you ticklish!? :-O

  22. tvu86 says:

    Hi great video my friend. Do you believe the absolute prerequisite, to
    going to law school (given the preliminary qualifications are met; i.e.
    grades, LSAT score, etc…), is to actually know someone who practices law?
    And to know this person is to know their lifestyle (i.e. hard work, long
    hours, etc…)? Or is this just a purposeless question?

  23. zopiclone199 says:

    Hmm…undergraduate grades must conform to departmental standards–which is
    generally somewhere between C and B in all the universities I’ve taught.
    Everyone in the class can ‘study hard’, but the grade average in the course
    will always conform to the department’s expected range. In fact, courses
    that utilize ‘objective’ criteria for evaluations, like multiple choice
    exams, generally have averages lower than that. The only difference from
    law school is that there is no need for a ‘bell curve’ to govern the spread
    of the grades (as long as the course average conforms to the range).

  24. Kim Sanchez says:

    please help me:( what is a good major to have in undergraduate school if
    you are planning to go to law school?

  25. fusion fish says:

    hey can u pm me?

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