Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Home Depot Commercial (HBO)

Lowe’s is employing robots this holiday season. But can robots provide the most vital customer service of all? Nick Offerman, H. Jon Benjamin, and Sarah Baker help us show that they cannot….

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25 Responses

  1. Kyle Ryan says:

    I don’t understand why the robot sounds like a bad 80s movie interpretation
    of what robots will sound like in the future.

  2. MaestroManTV says:

    Me during that advert.

    This is pretty funny
    Haha this is funny
    wait one sec


  3. Adrien Piette says:

    I’ve been married with my wife for 10 years. All this commercial is true. 

  4. Stephen Baerga says:

    That couple’s marriage is in the Danger Zone.

  5. Asa Faylo says:

    Is that the voice of Archer?

  6. ThickBeet says:

    I’ll fuck a robot if it’s got a nice butt, just saying.

  7. Crowwreak Stevenson says:

    I love how after 4:15 he basically goes full Archer

  8. Micah Murray says:

    Ron Swanson and Archer in the same video? Awesome.

  9. QueenofAntarctica says:

    Lowes has terrible customer service, robots would probably be an
    improvement. Home Depot has excellent customer service! So this commercial
    is pretty accurate

  10. April Olinger says:

    That commercial was just like a… as a… danggit I had something for this

  11. Sweetp000433 says:

    I will never shop at a store that does this, are robots cool.. hell yea but
    that could have been a human getting a paycheck. So I won’t be shopping at
    Lowe’s if they bring this to my store.

  12. Babidi says:

    does that married dude in the home depot add the voice actor for Archer?
    sure sounds like him at times.

  13. ltgerbilmuffin says:

    Everyone’s excited that the Home Depot guy is Nick Offerman, but nobody
    notices that the husband is H. Jon Benjamin, better known as Sterling

  14. King Purcival says:

    Bob from Bob’s burgers and the daughter haha

  15. Docktor Jim says:

    Haha. Men are stupid and women are smart. This is why I don’t watch
    commercial TV. 

  16. Stephen Charbonneau says:

    Hey, it’s Nick Offerman!

    Hey, it’s H. Jon Benjamin!

    Hey, it’s… the fat lady from that episode of “Louie”!

  17. plasterdbastard says:

    Do you want a medley of Archer and Parks and Rec references?

    Because that’s how you get a medley of Archer and Parks and Rec references.

  18. T to the E to the O says:

    I actually look forward to a robot that knows exactly what I am holding,
    and where it’s located in the store. I don’t need it to say hi to me, or be
    my friend though.

  19. Anderson Elynn says:
  20. fook offplz says:

    the husband is the greatest voice actor ever.

  21. Nicholas Hansen says:


  22. alex chaidez says:

    Is the husband the voice of Archer??

  23. Don Workman says:

    Holy shit it’s the guy from Bob’s burgers..that show is so under rated
    Britney spears posted a video of her crying under a sheet about how it
    should be respected more..

  24. Paul Walker says:

    The ending was epiccc.

  25. Seth Albee says:

    Anybody else think of Woody Allen when they were talking about the adopted
    Asian daughter?

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