Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: FIFA and the World Cup (HBO)

John Oliver’s excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggerin…
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  1. notbobby125 says:

    The same problem is happening with the Olympics, with cities and countries
    voting AGAINST holding the games within their borders, for fear of the
    massive expenses they would have to take building things that will never be
    used again.

  2. rece wagner says:

    You know. I’ve never actually seen two girls one cup. And I’m kind of ok
    with that

  3. Duke Kong says:

    See this is why I love John Oliver. In your traditional American talk show,
    such an issue will never, ever be brought up. But Last Week Tonight is just
    amazing. Yes, our health care system sucks, we’re billions of dollars in
    debt, and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans inspire confidence in
    anybody, but we often forget about problems abroad, and why we should
    actually care about them. Thanks to this show, in addition to the many
    problems at home, we’ve learned about an Indian election, the gay debate in
    Uganda, a push for Scottish independence, right to be forgotten, a far
    right in Europe, a Hungarian internet tax, an inept Thai monarchy (and
    their efforts to curb speech against it), Doug Ford in Toronto, Tony Abbott
    in Australia, Francois Hollande in France, and yes, the dark side of FIFA.
    All done in a humorous manner that I find funny, and if you don’t find it
    funny at least you’ll know a little bit more about the world by watching
    this show. Keep it up, LWT.

  4. Cosmo Vedder says:

    There are 100 people that could change it immediately. If the top 100
    football players in the world banned together and said fuck FIFA we won’t
    play in the world cup unless shit gets changed…..shit would change.
    Because of the pressure from those players, but also because of the
    pressure from fans since nobody would want to watch the world cup without
    the best 100 players involved. All those top 100 players are rich enough
    that they never have to do anything they don’t want to do

  5. Marsilio V.M. says:

    Why no mention of the 2018 world cup in Russia? They are currently funding
    and arming a terrorist rebel groups in Ukraine and helped them to shoot
    down a passenger plane with nearly 300 innocent people on board, not to
    mention the amount of Ukrainian fighter jets they’ve shot down. Yet all the
    focus is on Qatar. If you’re boycotting 2022 then boycott 2018 as

  6. FeathertopDT says:

    Not sure if FIFA world cup or Hunger Games… same death toll and

  7. Antony Ang says:

    World Cup in Qatar is fucking absurd. Playing football in piece of land
    that is surrounded by sands, I’d rather play beach football in Brazil. Too
    corrupted. I love football, I love the game. But I hate modern football!!
    Too corrupted and most of the companies that sponsors the World Cup
    questioned FIFA why the World Cup will be held in Qatar except for Emirates
    Airline. Why would FIFA chooses Qatar, a country that does not have a
    national football team and does not have any footballing history, to host
    the World Cup? Because they want money. I will not be going to watch the
    2022 World Cup if it is going to held in Qatar unless they change the host.

  8. abdou salem says:

    football is very underrated in US. like john oliver said they think it’s a
    little girls game and worse of all they call it (soccer)!! apparently they
    think the game where they carry the egg shaped thing in their HANDS is more
    fitting of the word FOOTball.

  9. Hoop_Dreams says:

    Qatar: “A migrant worker can’t leave the country without an exit visa. That
    visa has to be approved by his employer.” So basically FIFA is a corrupt
    old men’s club that wholeheartedly supports slavery.

  10. ReiAyanami8 says:

    Soooooooo…. FIFA’s as bad as the NFL?

  11. canadiananim8r says:

    Got a genuine question here, but why would any country WANT the world cup
    hosted in their home if this is the cost? It sounds like a financial

  12. nadoosh kuwait says:

    Well we all know that the FIFA is corrupted and there is no mistake about
    it . For me my biggest shook is when they gave the host of the World Cup
    2020 to Qatar , and coming from a neighbor country kuwait is a big surprise
    . I know !! seriously … How the hell are they going to hold the event in
    the middle of that fucking blazing heat !!! It’s ridiculous … But let’s
    face they offer And the FIFA accepted !! Very Simple in your face
    corruption .
    I live in that region and I absolutely hate the summer over there to A
    point where it force me to travel to any where, to any country just to
    escape that heat ! I feel sorry to the ones who want to go there for the
    World Cup 2020. And btw most Arab people will bay coot that event due to
    Qatar political problems which it happened to be with every country in the
    region .

  13. stupidmg says:

    believe me… the deadliest human being infrastructure is the “GREAT” wall
    of China… not pyramid

  14. MatthewWith2Ts says:

    England in 2018 and USA in 2022 would’ve been ideal. I’d finally have a
    reason to go to the usa, too :)

  15. ABW941 says:

    “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very
    disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more
    important than that”.
    -Bill Shankly

  16. Iulian Dumitraşcu says:

    I love soccer, but do you like being robbed or killed?

  17. Zelnyair says:

    Sepp Blatter fell down like the sack of shit that he is.

  18. Adriel Diaz says:

    Fuck fifa :-)

  19. DJ Zimmie says:

    Here’s a video that should make you furious about FIFA. Watch it, forget
    about it shortly afterwards and then watch FIFA soccer again.

  20. Nikhil Dugar says:


  21. mike112769 says:

    If soccer had cocaine and chainsaws in it, I would probably watch it.

  22. Alex Rocha says:
  23. Bridger Peres says:

    So they force Brazil to make beer legal but in Qatar they aren’t….?

  24. Tessie Young says:
  25. BattousaiHBr says:

    football is overhyped.

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