Last Minute! DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! PERFECT BEAUTY

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21 Responses


    6 EASY DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! #hallowee #diy 

  2. MakeupByM5 says:

    The ideas were so cute! The dinosaur made me bust up, and one of my friends
    will do that one for sure. The witch was my personal favorite 🙂 You looked
    so pretty! x

  3. sailor gang or die says:

    congratulations, you just failed halloween. no effort. why bother?

  4. Raven Vaidos says:

    I think the witch one was really sexy but not swanky I thought it was the
    perfect costume for you and you looked soooo pretty! ^.^ I think I’ll try
    this as well!

  5. candidcait says:

    Love the dino braid idea! So easy to make and super adorable! Thanks for
    the inspiration :)

  6. Sarah Pennington says:

    I think the dino was the coolest..

  7. Jessyka Chatman says:

    The dinosaur make up tip was amazing, I’m totally gonna use that. Thanks

  8. Averysadpersonwhowantsherhamsterback Pierson says:

    Your so beautiful! LUV u!

  9. Joey Fortman, Real Mom Media says:

    You are so adorable! Love your vids. And the Dinosaur idea? BRILLIANT!

  10. janayah rodriguez says:

    Tried to.make my own witha pretty dress I havie,,,,, no one.liked it.

  11. Caela Crenshaw says:

    Nice vid

  12. cindy ngo says:

    I liked the idea of using mesh fabric for a scale look.

  13. Mia Smith says:

    I love the witch! Totally my costume next year!!

  14. willow delao says:

    new to this channel #subscribed 

  15. Maria Castro says:

    Omg love the sleeping beauty and your vampy lip obsessed

  16. Kim Kok says:


  17. disney time guys says:

    i am going to be the new movie disney cinderella and i need help for her
    hair if you can can you please make a video i will love it thank you

  18. Emily Taylor says:

    I’m pretty sure that was a French braid

  19. Jade Parkin says:

    The witch was actually really cool
    🙂 x

  20. Jessica Bandejas says:

    Sleeping Beauty

  21. Olivia July says:

    These are all super ugly

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