Landscape Photography with Steve Gosling, part 2: Post-production work | Phase One

Tag along in this second part of a two-part series with landscape photographer Steve Gosling, and get a feeling of working with Steve, as he takes you through his considerations to capture…
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4 Responses

  1. Aleksander Torset Eriksen says:

    If any engineer read this… Would be nice to use my colorchecker with
    Capture One Pro 7. Also, if you want more pro’s converting to Capture One,
    let’s get optional CIE LAB readout (numbers) in the top where you currently
    have RGB numbers. These issues makes me keep LR for color critical work.

  2. Venilton Silva says:

    Beautiful !

  3. Teamwork Digital says:

    Steve Gosling discusses his post-production workflow in Capture One Pro 7.

  4. Steve Gosling says:

    Thank you Venilton

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