Landscape Photography Tips: HDR from the field to finish

Follow Jim Harmer as he takes an HDR photo at the beach, then shows you how to edit the photo in Photomatix and Photoshop. To buy my HDR photography eBook or my landscape photography …
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25 Responses

  1. Mark B. Stone says:

    wow ultra fussy nearing ridiculous…

  2. Rob Kramer says:

    to take this photo without cheating I would center the pathway in the frame
    so you dont have a uneven amount of weeds on the right, use abit of a wider
    lens, drop the tripod lower and importantly pick a better day.

  3. عبدالرحمن حمد says:

    many thanks to you from saudia arabia

  4. 20garry20 says:

    had to switch off at 1.30. The noise was terribly annoying.

  5. Jmp purple says:

    If you have a half good camera you don’t need photoshop/lightroom because
    the files will be good to go straight out of the camera…..

  6. cameraman655 says:

    After getting a number of request from clients about HDRs, I have been
    reviewing any number of vids and tutorials on the subject. I never really
    cared for HDR (as they always look so unrealistic) and these videos have
    only cemented my opinion that HDR is just a waste of time. As another
    poster in this thread commented “Never really seen the point in HDR, when
    we have ND grad filters”, truer words were never spoken. That said, good
    luck with your work, I’ll stick with what has worked for 30 years

  7. Nigel Howe says:

    Nice end result. The only problem I tend to find with HDR landscapes is the
    movement between the shots. But you ar correct anti-ghosting fixes alot of
    it. Nice simple ideas in your video but very helpful. I like the technique
    you used I did things a little differently but I think I might use your
    idea to improve a few of my shots. Easy to do and it makes a big

  8. Gallosafare says:

    sound is horrible

  9. Manuel Fallah says:

    @ksearles85 , yes i do, 5d mark ll

  10. TheYasser7000 says:

    what app did u process the ghosting in ?

  11. Ryan Uncapher says:

    Then why are you watching tutorials on it?

  12. Wayne Mercer says:

    fuck photshop – take a photo man

  13. Skyler L says:

    Never really seen the point in HDR when we have ND graduated filters.

  14. Raj Das says:

    why do I see these comments everywhere? o.O

  15. Ryan Uncapher says:

    How would ND work if you have multiple sections of your image under or over
    exposed throughout the entire photo. How do you use a ND graduated filter
    to make a seamless properly exposed image? Or are you talking about filters
    in an editing programs?

  16. markpianoman says:

    I don’t believe your comment when you write, “sorry about the wind…. I
    accidentally deleted the audio from my microphone, so I had to use the
    camera’s awful microphone.” I think you are lying and here is why —
    interesting that the volume increases when you look away from your camera
    toward the hand-held microphone. Would be a good excuse, but the evidence
    is against you!!

  17. Lou Wilson says:

    you should put that dead cat in your hand on the video mic

  18. Manuel Fallah says:

    Great, how do i know where is the corect focus 1/3 seen? how can i measure
    this distance whithout tape masure? any idea? thanks for any response

  19. moodystar9 says:

    Nice Beach, where is that?

  20. markpianoman says:

    That photo would have been really dramatic if you had caught the person in
    the white shirt walking on the beach early in your video.

  21. cameraman655 says:


  22. Afrowhite Afrowhite says:

    just clean you ears men I am french and i did get it

  23. phantomht1320 says:

    @TheYasser7000 He is using Photomatix

  24. Skyler L says:

    Well, it depends how extreme the difference in light was. RAW files output
    from recent cameras such as Canon’s 5D Mk III, Nikon’s D800/600 and even
    its 7000 series are capture tremendous dynamic range, allowing you to
    adjust the highlight and shadow sliders to ‘recover’ more detail than you
    might otherwise be able to. However, beyond that, you might not be able to
    recover detail for instance in scenes where you’re under a tree canopy. But
    then, how key would sky be in that situation anyway?

  25. p4big13 says:

    how about make a video how to make great tutorial video with a good mic

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