Korean Makeup & Skincare Haul Try On ♥ 3CE ♥ Innisfree, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Nature Republic ♥ Wengie

OPEN ME▽ Hey beauty’s :)! My latest Korean Makeup and Skincare haul video has some cute products from 3CE, Innisfree and Laneige! To get 50% off skincare and cosmetics at Cosme-De please…
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22 Responses

  1. Wengie says:

    Hey lovelies :)!! I have a Korean Makeup and Skincare haul which I think
    you will enjoy :D! I particularly love the 2 piece mask that I review in
    the end! It comes in 2 pieces!! Wow I’ve never had a mask like that before
    and it fits like a dream!! Who would have thought! I love you guys :)!!
    I’ll be replying comments tomorrow :D!!! So please leave your comments
    below!! <3

  2. Wengie says:

    I can’t seem to reply you Ellen so I’ve updated the link to the song at the
    bottom of my description box :)

  3. GossipGurl2314 says:

    You look 19. I just looked on your blog for your age and I can’t believe
    that’s your age. I couldn’t believe you were any older than 20.

  4. TeganKD says:

    you’re 29? You look 10 years younger!

  5. KoreanLovesBeauty says:

    ahhh i love korean makeup products<333 i wanna try out all the 3CE product.
    btw your makeup is so pretty here and i want them cat ears now *meow

  6. Megan H says:

    love love love the cat ears!!

  7. chibip6 says:

    I love your personality so much Wengie. Sweet and sassy but chill too ^^ I
    need to check out Sulwhasoo (sp?) bc I need some new firming
    cream/anti-aging products. I’m 30 now and I can see my face drooping a bit _’

  8. Hannah Oh says:

    nature republic masks are my weakness. i may have bought 25 in korea..

  9. Yoona JJang says:

    Wengie , you are my inspiration , your personality is what I love about you
    the most . Every time that I see you upload new video, I just freak out and
    click it as soon as possible . Btw, can u please do outfit of the week
    video for school I really want to see it and I love you <3 .

  10. charmainegee says:

    Your cat ears are super cute Wengie!!!

  11. Yasuri Washimoto says:

    Wengiee♥Im 15 and i wanna buy innisfree or etude which do you recommend?:)
    My skin is sesitivexDbut pale^^Does etude or innisfree ship abroad?:)
    Thanks♥Love ya stay beautiful♥

  12. Leila Muniz says:

    I was thinking about* sorry, typo~ 

  13. Kimmie Gee says:

    Hey Wengie. Can you do a review on Étude House’s moistful sleeping pack
    (the orange one) vs the Laniege Sleeping pack? :)

  14. Lucia Bionicle says:

    No Wengie, heavy makeup totally doesnt suit You. You are beautiful without
    make up and smokey eyes are not for you. I cant wear smokey eyes either. It
    just look indecent. But once again, I Love you and you are really
    beautiful. You have beautiful eyes and gorgeous skin and I Love this video
    as well as any other. :* :*

  15. Leila Muniz says:

    I was thinking on buying some Korean skincare from skin food or étude, but
    I am really insecure about it 🙁 I use Clinique and the body shop products,
    because my skin is SO oily, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t suit my type of
    skin. I also have a little bit of large pores (maybe because I’m going
    through my teens) that I sure would like to get rid of. Any tips? Thank you

  16. zoebelle16 says:

    Your makeup is honestly flawless :0 <3

  17. Gabriella Bow says:

    Love Your Hair !<3

  18. Danielle Barnayha says:

    You’re so pretty.. Btw i love your new hair color


  19. Kaixia Hu says:

    Do u speak chinese?

  20. Cloud Watching says:

    I love that your personality is starting to shine through more in your
    recent videos..your so cute Wengie ~

  21. Roseanne Borromeo says:

    Does anyone know the song that she used in the video? 

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