Kitchen Table Electronics Repair: Cyberhome CH-DVD 300 DVD Player Repair

I was fairly bored when I decided to repair this DVD player and make a video about it. This might be obvious in the finished video. I’m not finished with the repair yet, as I still need to…

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  1. Rick Gray says:

    I’ve got the same power problem with this unit. How did you fix the power
    issue on the power board?? Or did you just use the old computer power

  2. Leo Mkandawire says:

    So did you ever fix the power supply? 

  3. Bluethunderboom says:

    How many Micro Ferret (µF) and Volts on these two caps are blown?

  4. Jake Freeman says:

    Why would people show themselves distroying stuff? It’s stupid in my

  5. TheBambam2371 says:

    I used to have a player just like that it died years ago and i threw it out
    kinda wish i had’nt

  6. Sharlet Armstrong says:

    Oh… and I found the DVD player when I took my trash to the dumpster and
    saw that someone had cleaned out a trailer and threw everything away . It
    looked new so I decided to bring it home!!! Wish I had brought the 2 t.v.s

  7. Robert Mattison says:

    Super Video, well done. Please continue with new video on other subjects.
    Your voice is clean and easy to hear and understand. Plus the hummor
    doesn’t hurt at all. Maybe a DVD/CD built-in to a CTR t.v. that plays
    either video or audio
    but not both. Well done my friend.

  8. Damien Hartley says:

    You should put that DVD player in a computer case and modify it to have its
    own speakers and a component to VGA adapter in the case sine it already has
    a computer power supply

  9. jevicci says:

    Great video. I had this player back in the day and I really miss it for
    its ability to play multiple formats and be made region-free. I hung onto
    it for many years after it stopped working in hopes that I’d one day find a
    way to resurrect it. When I first saw this video I regretted not hanging
    on to it longer, but after watching it all the way through, I realized I
    very well probably couldn’t have gone through these repair steps anyway.

    I really despise the region encoding and format incompatibility
    restrictions of modern players, especially considering the fact that some
    DVDs are not available in region 1 NTSC, so it’s just plain impossible to
    get a copy and play it legit on US players. It’s so infuriatingly stupid.
    Luckily I managed to obtain another old, hackable player that I’m able to
    watch anything on, but I know it’s only a matter of time before this one
    stops working and I’m screwed again X(

    So, in summary, this player had two issues: the power supply and the broken
    plastic tab. How did you deal with the power supply issue? I wouldn’t
    think it would be feasible to actually use this player with the cover off,
    running an external power source into it like you did in the video.

    P.S. I still have the remote for this if you want it.

  10. Sharlet Armstrong says:

    I fixed it!…I fixed it!…I did it!!! Thank you sooo much uxwbill for the
    video!!! I’ve never done anything like this before and IT WORKS!!! I
    followed your lead on the video and after pondering all you did and taking
    the CyberHome DVD 300 apart per your instructions, checking everything I
    could see…tightening all connections, etc., got the tray working but
    would only play CDs…I finally decided to clean the laser lens!!! I put in
    a DVD and voila IT WORKS!!! I’m so tickled that I got it working, I’ve
    decided to go out in my building and get all the other DVD players and VCRs
    and see if I can fix them… I’m just soooo pleased…couldn’t have done it
    without your video!!! Wouldn’t even have known where to start. Thanks

  11. Dan Morra says:

    Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, my unit does not have a power
    issue but rather fails to go beyond loading. The disc goes in and spins
    but the tv screens reads loading and nothing more happens. Also, I’m not
    sure the off switch works as the disc continues spinning and the only way
    to stop it is to unplug the unit. Any insights?

  12. sgfreak37 says:

    I had a couple of these DVD players. One of which I got from Target under
    the Trutech name. It says TruTech on the outside, but everything on the
    inside says Cyberhome. Even the board inside the remote said Cyberhome.
    Both ended up with the same issues. First the remote sensors stopped
    working, easy fix, but annoying nonetheless, then they ended up not working
    properly while playing movies. About 2/3s into a movie, the motor that
    moved the laser around would act jittery, causing the movie to skip and
    freeze. I tried to just replace the motor, which didn’t help. I just ended
    up replacing them entirely.

  13. Steffen Hagrupsen says:


  14. Markey Mark says:

    Great video. Keep them coming. I have the Cyber Home CH-DVD 401. Problem is
    when plugged in only get RED Light (which you told me means it is not
    turned-on but has power because the RED Light lights) and most likely
    indicates a power supply problem. I am trying to determine how to check the
    power supply or maybe a “switch” problem? What are the chances it is the
    switch and not the power supply? In any case I will re-watch your YouTube
    presentation and try to analyze the pwr supply. I don’t have any pwr
    supplies around here. Your thoughts or comment appreciated. Great video.
    Keep them coming. 

  15. Dan Hefferland says:

    I had one of these in 2004 my first ever DVD player! Ever way an
    interesting and fun vid Bill

  16. Maurice Gosby says:

    damn, i’m at the kitchen table now doing the search for exactly THIS!
    awesome. i like this video even before seeing if it works

  17. 1980sGamer says:

    Ah yes. CyberHome. Some of the cheapest electronics you could buy. I’ve
    seen many of those DVD players all over the place in thrift stores under
    various brand names. They were actually manufactured by ILo Technologies,
    basically Wal-Mart’s in-house brand. I suppose if you want a cheap DVD
    player that will do its job, for probably all of a couple of months, then
    you could buy one of these. Although, just like VCRs, I wont buy them if
    they’re too new. Just a couple of days ago I found a Sony DVP-S3000 DVD
    player that was made in October of 1997, pretty much 6 months after DVD
    players were released in the US/Canada. It is the most solidly built DVD
    player I’ve ever seen. So many separate boards and individual components on
    the inside. Plus, it weighs a lot too. Over 16 years old and it has no
    problems whatsoever. Did give it a cleaning though. Anyways, as mentioned
    before, yes, CyberHome is gone. Their California warehouse was raided by
    the F.B.I. because apparently they used some of Phillips’ patents without a
    license. Kudos to you for fixing that thing. I’d never bother with one of
    those things. Way too cheap for my liking.

  18. says:

    SuperGlue, As I have also found, is useless for this type of repair. After
    many trials I have found some glue that works extremely well: ‘EvoStik –
    Hard Plastic Adhesive’. Its just like superglue but especially designed for
    hard plastics. I use it for all of this type of repair in all types of CD
    and DVD mechs. It provides a solid and reliable repair. I’ve tried all
    types of hard plastic adhesives, but none work like the evostik glue.

  19. Alexis Klaiss says:

    and take part a ps3

  20. supermasterPIK says:

    also known as Recco model RDV 300. This is the first model, aboyt 2005.
    Includes small remote.

    Second model (with LCD display) is RDV 300S, with bigger remote control.
    Zone unlucking:

    1.- open Tray
    2.- press +-+-255
    3 Select 0 as multizone. 

  21. CrazyPainter1000 says:

    Bill you have enough cd roms from computers laying around. The next time
    you have a bad one tear it apart. I just parted out a few bad ones the
    other day and I know you will fine a replacement plastic mech that is
    broken in that dvd player. What they did was adapt a known cd/dvd rom from
    a computer to work in there design hence the front emergency eject that
    apparently they didn’t bother to run through the front. 

  22. DimensionDude says:

    Bill, did you ever get the remote control for this unit? I have 2 of these
    Cyberhome players, both dead. Do you want the remotes and/or any other

  23. supermasterPIK says:

    Lasted me about 5 years before giving as gift. 

  24. June Genis says:

    Thanks for your advice about moving the units to another place. I had
    already moved them (thus unplugging the power) to a new location side by
    side because I thought there might be interference from my new plasma TV.
    Do you think unplugging the power supply board could be different than just
    unplugging the unit?

    That was the test I previously reported. The working unit was actually
    closer to a window than the non-working one so that rules out sunlight
    interference and there was no artificial lighting or other RF source
    operating at the time that I’m aware of

  25. uktvcool says:

    u never fixed the PSU!

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