Kim Kardashian under eye concealer ( What Mario her make up artist uses and techniques)

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25 Responses

  1. cheerbabyy1 says:

    I thought Mario doesn’t believe in Primer…..

  2. M McCormck says:

    That’s not an actual beauty blender………….they aren’t that shape

  3. sheena9090 says:

    Hollie what shade of the Laura mercier concealer you used? Thank you for
    making this video 🙂 

  4. Glitter Nails says:

    I’m subscribing because I love your accent. 

  5. meakinel says:

    I think it’s way too much of a concealer!

  6. taylorswift1994fan says:

    Hi! just wanted to say thankyou so much for this video! i had no idea you
    were supposed to prime the undereye area and set it with powder!! my
    personal favourite concealer is Benefit’s Erase paste so i will try out
    these steps now you’ve suggested them! thanks again! xxxx

  7. cupcakebabe11 says:

    he actually uses wayyyyyyy more concealer than that

  8. MeggieANesbitt says:

    What Color Laura Mercier do you use on the Camo?

  9. Yenciita89 says:

    Oil skin + pimples

  10. Paige Caylor says:

    you put your concealer on after you’ve already done your foundation on the
    rest of your face?

  11. Nadia Mahri says:

    Thankss for the video, it really helped xxx

  12. cuteangel1493 says:

    You’re so pretty!

  13. Poppy Shallcross says:

    omg ur vids r amazee. love ur from essex will defo come to see u soon in
    essex ! ur vids help sooo much. would u be able to do a nail one like the
    nail trends how to care for them caus mine r always brittle and break and
    dunno why but i do two coats of ploish and they take hours and hours to dry
    and always smudge . thanks love you loads hun ur stunnniiiiiinnnnggg my
    beauty icon , idol and biggest fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. AcID3103 says:

    too many steps ! damn !

  15. Natalie Krishna says:

    Oh my god ur so cute,I love ur accent… it possible to name ur
    products underneath. I couldn’t get the names of them. I’d really love to
    know which products they are. Thank you 🙂

  16. Wendy Lee Tedder says:

    Love this!! Perfect under eyes… you are adorable! Love your hair!! 🙂

  17. Hollie Wakeham says:

    @Nataliekrishna AAAWWW thanks hunni yeh I dont put them sometimes coz I
    hate writing not my strong point and takes me ages to spell check it hahaha
    check my blogg coz I some times put the products on there thanks for such a
    lovely comment where are u from babes xxxx

  18. danalauren81 says:

    did you ever find out what the name of the product was?

  19. vivid contour says:

    Hi could you tell me whats the first product you used under your eyes the
    oil free cream ? The name .. Thank youuuu… Your make up is perfect !!!!
    Your beautiful

  20. brandon chambers says:

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    I have found a useful and painfree body hair removal alternative that
    involves zero waxing, shaving or other old fashioned methods. In fact, this
    specific solution has even been presented in Time Magazine. It made it
    possible for Anna to get long lasting smooth skin. Hopefully it works for
    you too.

  21. kittie9876 says:

    ur accent <3

  22. Mad4MakeUp says:

    OMG did you just blow on your brush??? :O

  23. Katy Horan says:

    thank you so much i have under eyes and you helped me allot <3 thank you 🙂

  24. maryoomz says:

    I think your makeup looks beautiful even before doing all what you did ,,

  25. Ashleigh M says:

    Thats alot of product lol looks great dont get me wrong but it would cakeup
    in my eye wrinkles. what foundation did use before conclear? x

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