Kidney & Bladder Health : How to Flush a Kidney Stone

Flushing a kidney stone is possible if the stone is small enough. Learn how to flush a kidney stone with the help of a practicing nephrologist in this free video. Expert: Dr. Sean Hashmi Contact:…

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  1. Afzal Khan says:

    sorry for such lecture by the way
    i m drinking 8 liters of water daily and i still having pain even using 2
    tabs twice, cystone + rowatinex
    in both kidney stones sizes r 3.5 in left, 5 mm in right

  2. Jay zen says:

    the only way i could destroy mine was with squeezing 4 limes, adding
    chopped white onions into the lime and drinking.
    Also I would drink water with Apple cider vinegar 3 times a day (4 spoons
    of vinegar) I was in a lot of pain, could not stand up, Can anyone tell me
    if what I did was good or bad for my stomach and my body? it definitely
    destroyed the stone but i wanted to know if taking that much acid was good
    for you

  3. Mary Nightingale says:

    I had SWL a week ago and keep getting bad pain and flank pain. When I pee
    its a tiny dribble, with tiny bit of blood in it…..but still have not
    passed any stones….my main stone was about 5mm

  4. Preshemie Sencil says:

    @Sir *Thanks for sharing that wonderful program …I can’t thank you enough
    for saving me the physical and emotional cost of surgery and I know this
    can help others*

  5. Kalua C says:

    ive been dealing with stones for 19 yrs last time I had them was in 2005
    now I am dealing with 2 stones …one on each side…jan 6/14 I had
    blasting done and dr put a stent in and that had to be removed last
    night…I couldn’t control my pee it felt like my water had broke if I was
    having a baby…now my left side im in so much pain…I don’t like to drink
    water but im trying my best to drink water…I understand I need to slow
    down on my coffee but right now im in so much pain the morphine 10 m are
    not helping me with the pain and the dr wont give me a higher morphine
    this pain is getting too much !!!

  6. mgurlaloosh says:

    If you are flushing/dissolving your Kidney Stone then you should follow
    this step by step guides – *TheKidneyStones. com*

  7. Bette Ehmen says:

    I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Kidnetonex Remedy (yahoo
    search it). But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this
    popular kidney stones treatment?

  8. Kalua C says:

    u can get stones if it runs in ur family

  9. Mary Archuleta says:

    Why would a kidney and spleen area hurt or feel inflamed after eating to
    much tomato based foods or eating Chili?

  10. Zakariah1971 says:

    Damn this allopath and go see a naturopath

  11. Thesimpsons1fan1 says:

    woho that must have been painful. i feel sorry for you!! how did u get them
    in the 1st place???

  12. Micromusecut says:

    crap, I´m used to drinking only about less than a litre per day…maybe
    half a litre. I´ll feel sick if I drink 3-4 litres!!….but I´d rather feel
    sick than have this horrible pain…

  13. Paleface says:

    I assume genetics and not drinking enough water. The doctors said they’d
    been forming for a while.

  14. skipless says:

    I had a 5mm stone and it ended up getting stuck and impacted right before
    entering the bladder in that thinnest part of the ureter. i ended up having
    to have it removed via ureteroscopy with the laser. another guy i know had
    a 6mm that got stuck also and he had to have the same thing done. drink
    lots of water and try to pass it on your own. if you goto a urologist they
    will most likely give you flomax to take to try to help pass it as well.

  15. Thesimpsons1fan1 says:

    how do people get kidney stone in the first place??? is it because of poor
    diet????? help?

  16. Angela Netherton says:

    Can a kidney stone be stuck in your kidney?i have had one since Tuesday
    went to er they said yea looks like ya got one sent me home with meds. Well
    one day I’m not hurting so bad but by that night I’m n agony again. It has
    been almost a week. Is that normal?im tired of hurting. It was my side now
    it’s my back . It is so sore and tender I can’t stand even touching where
    my kidney is. Hurts worse everytime I pee. What should I do?

  17. Cherokee Rose says:

    I did this and my stones grew from 4mm to 6mm. I still drink so much water
    I can hardly leave the house. My dr. says it impossible to pass stones. I
    am going to prove him wrong and then I am going to fire him.

  18. Paleface says:

    I could feel it moving through my body. I recently passed the last one. So
    painful! I wouldn’t drink juice. Only water.

  19. Rachel Marie says:

    Your best bet is to SEE A DOCTOR!

  20. mikhailcalamba2012 says:

    thanks for the very simple tips

  21. Donald Jungbauer says:

    @cherokee The concept is so deceptively simple, yet so astonishingly
    powerful. I am impressed. this remedy has worked fantastically well for me!
    For the past 36 hours I have been free of pain. Looks like the calculus is
    completely gone! check their site.. go here ==>

  22. mrcokez1 says:

    thanks doc

  23. Yap Ming says:

    Lmao, how about me 16.

  24. Yap Ming says:

    I dont even bring water to school, stones has born in my kidney!! thanks god

  25. jacksonhansonjackson says:

    In your case, your best bet is to see a psychiatrist.

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