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Christopher McDougall’s best seller, “Born To Run” came out at a great time for me. Learning how the most remote Tarahumara lived, relatively disease and greed free, teaches us things we really…
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  1. Randy Kreill says:

    Watching a movie, THRIVE, What On Earth Will it Take? Very interesting and
    relates to our food.

    who controls the food supply controls the people;
    who controls the energy can control whole continents;
    who controls the money can control the whole world.
    Henry Kissinger 1973. 

  2. Randy Kreill says:

    Some researchers are looking at breast cancer, etc, as another “auto
    immune” dis-ease. If you study The China Study, you will have a more clear
    understanding of why cancer rates and other chronic diseases have become
    the new “norm”. This is NOT how we were meant to live. Dr. Greger’s 600++
    videos with nutritionfacts.or are fantastic, and free. FREE. Dr Greger
    studies research relative to nutrition while “treadmilling” 15 miles or so
    per day. “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death”. Watch it.

  3. Randy Kreill says:

    “Life is about experiencing all the things you find interesting and
    fascinating. Just get out there and experience as much as you can.
    Participate in life.” Louie Zamperini The 96 year old living legend isn’t
    overly impressed with himself. What about the guys who lost limbs, eyes,
    hearing, he asks? “Unbroken” the biography about him is phenomenal. I
    finished reading this most fascinating true story, then watched
    “Earthlings” the next day by chance. Tough lessons on our “dark” side.

  4. Randy Kreill says:

    I subjected a middle schooler to watching this video. She got it… “pretty
    good”. :~)

  5. Randy Kreill says:

    Ted Nugent continues to build a karma debt, slaughtering animals in volume,
    just to piss people off, a sad plea for attention. What a gaping ahole,
    rockstar transformation to complete jack ass.This prompted by an Huffington
    Post update on Ted’s latest stupidity. LOL. Ted’s brain must be getting
    more clogged with animal based foods “residue”.

  6. LloydChristmas777 says:

    Yeah, he really is like a Tarahumaran. I actually briefly met hm just
    before his warm up run for his 5K in October 2012. Amazing human being. No
    excuses for anyone!

  7. LloydChristmas777 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Plant-based diet all the way.

  8. Randy Kreill says:

    Vegetarian? Most US dairy is illegal in Canada and much of Europe. Why?
    BGH. Even though dairy cows aren’t slaughtered as often. Don’t be fooled.
    Learn about their lives and negative impact to our health from caesine,
    lactose, cholesterol, estrogen, and often antibiotics and BGH. There was a
    time not long ago, I viewed vegetarian as “extreme”, or odd. “Impossible”.
    Now I view it as a positive step, but vastly inferior to vegan. Dairy is
    liquid meat, maybe worse. Cheese is condensed dairy.

  9. Randy Kreill says:

    One of the great ironies of modern times is the unimaginable suffering,
    pain, disease, death, etc for humans as a direct result of the
    overconsumption of animal based food sources. Needless to say, the general
    malfeasance of the many industries associated with exploitation of animals
    can not be generating much “good karma” imo.

  10. Randy Kreill says:

    The China Study, by the brilliant Dr C. Campbell is a must read for those
    who want to understand the how of “bad food karma”. Ruth Heidrich went on
    an all plant based diet over 30 years ago and proved “spontaneous
    remission” for stage 4 cancer. Learn how it works. Dr Campbell lays out his
    idea on how auto immune diseases occur. Now, Dr John McDougall is studying
    MS vs plant based nutrition with early positive signs. People can cure or
    stop/slow progression of tough auto immune diseases?

  11. Randy Kreill says:

    Many years ago, I met a wonderful creature. He was a young Golden Retreiver
    who was so excited to meet me, he ran my way, flipped over and pissed all
    over himself! A golden shower for the Golden Retriever. Ha. Finally, all
    these years later, one of my favorite creatures is our nearly vegan
    endurance runner dog, Snickers. Half Golden Retriever, she gets really
    excited about people, but does not give herself golden showers. Thankfully.
    See her in “Nearly Vegan Dog. A Great Run Bud”. :~)

  12. Randy Kreill says:

    The “turbined torpedo” is an inspiration to me. He’s like Tarahumaran
    warrior athlete!! Mostly vegan! Plant power! Thanks LLOYD.

  13. Randy Kreill says:

    Interesting how our bodies are obviously designed to handle animal based
    food sources for survival, or in modest quantities, but essentially an “eye
    for an eye” is sort of built into how things really work for most people
    over time.

  14. Randy Kreill says:

    Dr Ruth Heidrich, author, famous vegan endurance athlete, 30+ year cancer
    survivor, etc, is another extraordinary example of good “food karma”. Not
    only did the marathoner turned stage 4 breast cancer fighter in 1982 at age
    47 completely transform her life with an all plant based diet, she works
    diligently to pay it forward. When Ruth was diagnosed in ’82. Roughly 1 of
    15 women expected breast cancer in their life. Now, it’s closer to 1 of 7.
    There are/were cultures without breast cancer.

  15. LloydChristmas777 says:

    Speaking of endurance athletes, Fauja Singh, a lifelong vegetarian, is now
    101 (102 in a couple of weeks). “He ran his first full marathon in London
    in 2000 at the tender age of 89.” In 2011, he completed the Toronto
    Waterfront Marathon, making him the oldest marathoner (100 then).

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