Kansas Gov Sam Brownback Fulfills Promise To Destroy Kansas

“Kansas has a problem. In April and May, the state planned to collect 1 million from personal income tax. But instead, it received only 9 million. In 2012, Kansas lawmakers passed a…

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25 Responses

  1. danglezbenderz says:

    Personally I wonder why Kansas would have gotten rid of their previous
    Democratic governor when he had managed to create a surplus and stimulate
    the economy in Kansas… There also seems to be a trend in recent history
    where Democrats create a surplus or eliminate the majority of the deficit
    that had been created under a previous Republican administration and then
    once they have fixed things, people decide to elect a new Republican that
    ruins all that hard work. Now this is not always the case, however it is
    the trend.

  2. sprybug says:

    Remember folks, Republicans love to let us know that THEY are the fiscal

  3. deveousdevil says:

    these Youtube trolls spread faster than viruses.

  4. 4evrFireify says:

    why are people so gung ho about cutting/aboloshing income tax?

  5. ASTCify says:

    What is it with Republicans ruining surpluses with tax cuts for the rich?

  6. SomeCartoonChick says:

    He certainly HAS a brownback after all that Koch cock.

  7. gratex says:

    There was a time when the world looked up to the US

  8. Rowan Clarke says:

    “Oh Shit we pushed ourselves into a hole, What do we do?”
    “Let us do what we do best.”

    “Yes people of Kansas Obama is to blame for all of our failings and shity
    ideas. Blame the black man and move on with out stopping what we do.”

    United States is a joke now. 

  9. TheAtheistSocialist says:

    Libertarian ideology in 5 words: FUCK EVERYONE BUT THE RICH !

  10. Simon Željko says:

    I’ve seen communism first hand and lived it (the latter part anyway) and
    (as surprising as it may seem to some in the US) libertarians (or neocons,
    the difference is purely lip service) are the most similar to communists.
    It’s the same rhetoric, ideology pushing, reality avoiding bullshit all
    over again.

    Both are absolute reality-be-damned ideologists. The fact that their
    policies weren’t successful is of absolutely no importance to them. They
    don’t think of policies as means to achieve any sort of goal, but as goals
    themselves. To a libertarian, their idea of a free market is the goal, not
    an mean to achieve any sort of goal (even goals like economic growth, not
    to mention more concrete goals). If their idea of a free market bankrupts
    the country to them it just means that this is the way it should be. Pure
    unabashed fundamentalism, the more they’re in conflict with reality the
    more zealous they are about their ideology.

  11. TheAhemahemahem says:

    I live in kansas explains our racist, overly anti-gay religious, morons who
    run the place. When will we have a government who will work for the people
    and not the 1% ?

  12. Gxi says:

    Oh cool. We elected a conservative government in province as well a while


  13. derek du says:

    let the dumb people in kansas roll in their own filth. it’s hilarious when
    southern states suffer.

  14. VeryEvilPettingZoo says:

    Cenk is attempting to use reason again, reason and facts. Cause and effect.
    Intelligence. Common sense. Doesn’t he know that stuff is completely
    irrelevant to republicans? They live in Lala Land, so why even bother? If
    you just tap your ruby slippers together three times, all budget problems
    will go away. (And if not, it must be the fault of those damn liberal
    judges! Or Benghazi.)
    Wait! I know. The problem is clearly that they didn’t cut taxes on the rich

  15. xXSea_LionXx says:

    +The Young Turks, wouldn’t a smart idea to attract people to come live in
    your state and to get more jobs would be increasing the rich taxes and
    lowering taxes/increasing funds to schools? I’m from Connecticut, the state
    of schools. I’ve seen the best of the best and I’ve seen the terrible. I
    know that parents and even young adults want to see a healthy, clean
    community with schools to back it all up. Low school funding has proven to
    be the source of some of the major intelligence, financial, and economic

  16. Scot Watson says:

    What I took from this fragmented news was this:

    Kansas cut taxes, but for political purposes, did not cut spending.
    Therefore they ran a deficit.

    Answer? Cut taxes, cut spending, balance budget.


  17. Ashley Zheng says:

    Oh no I live in Kansas

  18. machookaz says:

    That’s just shameful and criminal! It frustrates me because I live in
    Kansas. I’m not rich so I’m expecting even more taxes now to fill
    Brownback’s hole. I’m tired of this shit. When will idiots stop believing
    that they’re republicans or democrats and start being Americans?! When are
    we going to start helping each other?? Brownback has to go

  19. Reaganaut says:

    It would have worked if the liberals would have let make all the cuts he

  20. Rita Brown says:

    Sam Brownback is also a Jesus freak. Why is it that the worst religious
    right wingers believe it is their destiny laid out by god to redistribute
    wealth to the top 1% and screw over public school kids? Suffer the little
    children, indeed.

  21. Stealth Clown says:

    Kansas is the retarded neighbor of everyone near it.

  22. Ryan Saylor says:

    Brownback elected50-46 over Paul Davis.

  23. am2boni says:

    Yep, a surplus when he started. . . now look!!! Lions and Tigers and
    Brownback oh my!!!!!!!!

  24. Edward E says:

    “DIVERSITY” is a codeword for White GENOCIDE.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.


  25. Joe Young says:

    Lies lies lies!!!! Brownback increased the budget, cut taxes for everyone,
    keeping us out of Obamacare, put us in the top ten in state spending on
    education, has fought tirelessly to keep our constitutional rights. the
    “great” democrat that put us in debt the Turds are talking about was
    Sebelius, go figure! and by the way if you want to see for yourself, we now
    have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country… this is all
    just lies!

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