JUSTICE ~ BACK TO SCHOOL HAUL ~ by The Frugalnista!

Hello to all my JUSTICE LADYBUGS! Guess what?… the Frugalnista actually PAID for some Justice stuff! Took advantage of 40% + and additional 20% off sale!

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25 Responses

  1. maddie zigler says:

    I love how you call us ladybugs 

  2. Chantal Walters says:

    I’m a lady bug hehe 

  3. Shannon Hike says:

    I am a ladybug I love justice.

  4. MsMalika64 says:

    Great vid and the book bag is so nice!

  5. yvonne lugo says:

    She’s so beautiful..God bless her! Great video

  6. Robin Grams says:

    She is so beautiful…..The clothes are so awesome!!!!!!!

  7. Poroye Aviles says:

    Get to the point

  8. Ashley Bennett says:

    How old is she

  9. Veri Keri says:

    How lovely!! Maribella is just adorable! I know she is probably happy to
    have her hair out in curls…it is the BOMB!! My youngest knows that
    having her hair “out” is a special treat. It takes sooooo much time to do
    her hair as she has all natural hair like your little one. I would love to
    see a hair care routine vidoe. I saw the one you did for Magnolia, and
    don’t you know my oldest (a 12th grader this year) attempted that style..we
    gotta little more practice to do..lol.

  10. MommyDani2 says:

    Your daughter is adorable. She did she a great job!

  11. travellady68 says:

    my daughter is 13 now that store is awesome love the sales we got few years
    ago. Your daughter is so beautiful and is quite the youtuber . She will be
    great at making videos like her mom. Good luck to her this school year.

  12. Navdeep Kaur says:

    I love mirabella she is so cute

  13. Hunter Sibille says:

    “weird kina calculations”XD

  14. Stasi Krafton says:

    This was posted on my birthday

  15. Shelly Hamid says:

    Yes I agree your daughter is really cute

  16. Kendra huittt says:

    Im a lady bug i love justice!

  17. KraftyScorpio says:

    She’s good! So sweet how she folded everything after showing us! Good job
    little Frugalnista!

  18. farmsteading says:

    I love her name! It’s so pretty.

  19. sexyellex says:

    Mirabella is a cutie pie! 

  20. Degarielle Riddle says:

    Do you live in Georgia,because in thinking about doing it

  21. Thriftee QueenBee says:

    Loved your daughter’s haul! Great job! She’s quite a little lady 🙂 tfs xo

  22. Grace pandalover says:

    Your really good at finding good deals! And your day tee is gorgeous!

  23. flwrgrl13 says:

    i usually go to justice when it’s 40% + 20% too. i really like the skirts
    she chose, they are so pretty 🙂 and i have that same gray dog tank top!
    out of curiousity, does your daughter actually do gymnastics? cuz i did
    gymnastics as well, but stopped a couple years ago due to it being
    expensive. i really want to go back someday, but im happy w/ just doing
    dance and figure skating right now 🙂 

  24. CalolineRoseAJ says:

    That bookbag is TOTALLY cute! Im going to justice ;3

  25. gaby lol says:

    I’m 9 and I love your channel

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