Joe Rogan Podcast #244 – Immortal Technique

Joe Rogan Podcast #244 - Immortal Technique

Happy 420(th video upload) everybody!

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24 Responses

  1. Solace Creat says:

    Joe Rogan and Immortal Technique! Holy shit. Two of the smartest performers
    out there. Immortal Technique is so much more open-minded and, how do I put
    it, cognizant. He has super concentration, thinking about *everything*.
    That’s why I love Immortal Technique. Well, and his damn good producer-free

    Well, Rogan would probably be smarter than he is if he wasn’t such a
    druggie. Nootropics are really experimental. Most of them are Russian made,
    and it may as well be China–because you don’t know what the fuck would be
    in that shit: or what kinds of side effects it would have. For instance,
    Phenibut is a legal benzo-like substance made in Russia–except, the
    withdrawals are claimed to be way, way worse than benzo withdrawal. And,
    benzo withdrawal is already arguably worse than heroin–and, heroin
    withdrawal *can’t* kill you: benzo withdrawal *can* kill you.

    I haven’t really researched nootropics much, but this is what I’ve heard.

    In any case, it’s a good idea to exercise extreme caution an *really*
    really look in to what you put in your body.

  2. Slickz Amsterdam says:

    Interesting…but damn Joe can never let Immortal Technique finish what he
    is saying. He just randomly interrupts and changes the subject entirely how
    the fuck did they go from Monsanto to Jujitso in 10sec.

  3. Mr Pickles says:

    It’s not free it costs 1 dollar, a handling fee. Even tho it’s a download
    I was happy to pay that 1 dollar but I’m just saying even tho it’s just a
    buck it ain’t free

  4. Abdawgggg says:

    2:27:09 – 2:27:45

  5. kevin hogan says:

    if only bono watched this episode…

  6. Danny Dulfer says:

    Joe Rogan takes crazy intellectual topics and just starts talking about
    stupid shit it’s pretty annoying

  7. Ethos Eternal says:

    lol Rogan gets out of his intellectual comfort zone with Tech.
    “Don’t be a cunt!” hahaha

  8. David Black says:

    Dog doesn’t taste good enough to justify the experience. Don’t do it. 

  9. tom walczak says:

    Joe you have really disappointed me with your stand on Sharks. are you
    fuckin stupid man, you want kill them all? seems like ignorance is bliss.
    Ocean is their territory and surfers should respect don’t give
    people wrong ideas please.this planet wont survive without them. get some
    knowledge man. im starting to losing my respect for you..get it right

  10. Ashley Smith says:

    Friedrich Nietzsche — ‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be
    insane by those who could not hear the music.’
    George Orwell — ‘The further a society drifts from truth the more it will
    hate those who speak it.’

  11. Crazytaru1 says:

    wish rogan wouldve talked less like he did on rhonda patricks appearance.
    technique has so many great things to say about social issues… :(

  12. Nowaahhh!! says:

    Jesus Denier.. “Eye in the sky”(Satan, Babylon) supporter… it’s always
    the same.. they play both sides of the fence….

    any denier of Jesus of the Bible is a fucking Satan Worshiper… period..
    if you can’t see that, you’re lame a fuck!

  13. Jackson Are says:

    jesus christ joe how many fucking times can you just interrupt him and talk
    over him

  14. Fernando Balase says:

    Capitalism is the CRISIS!

  15. Kevin Beattie says:

    sprout that was a lame commercial lame attempt at marketing that

  16. Jez Brown says:

    I kinda like joe yeah.. but he’s chatting shit about stuff he doesnt even
    know about.
    like them Head statues, he’s going on about how if ya dig down, they got
    body and bla bla bla…. WTF, thats so fake as fuck.
    Dude, fucking google that shit before spreading disinformation ^^

  17. Jonathan hicks-pepin says:

    immortal technique is in a shout out war with the diaz brothers 

  18. Kieran Wilson says:

    they totally have the wrong impression of russell brand.

  19. buster hymen says:
  20. Ac0ustics0ul says:

    got a kick out of Joe mentioning how many people were killed by tigers in
    the past century,because in that time we’ve wiped out 97% of the wild

  21. John Hodgson says:

    My God, Rogan needs to pipe down. Immortal Technique is far more

  22. Nate Salcido says:

    “Nutty beliefs” believing in God is nutty? Fucking moron… After this fool
    turned his back on tkd no wonder he would turn his back on god., fucking

  23. Johnny Kwes says:

    why brian tryna turn off the song in the middle of techs verse?? derp..

  24. Killa Kam says:

    Dance with the devil. 

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