Jeff Immelt: State of the Industrial Internet – GE Minds + Machines 2014

GE Chairman and CEO, Jeff Immelt’s welcome and opening remarks on the state of the Industrial Internet at Minds + Machines 2014. Subscribe to the GE Channel: GE works…
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5 Responses

  1. lucas owens says:

    i still cant believe we have the same name

  2. CoolHerc says:

    Food for thought… Development

  3. Albert Lamee says:
  4. KnightGlint says:

    I love these events! I learn so much about the new ideas that are shaping
    the present and future of our world.

  5. Tonka Braicevic says:

    Industrija Softvera je tako velika i uvjek ima nesto novo
    sto se tice Biznisa
    Sve je moguce
    Uz boziju pomoc covjek je
    dotakao svemir

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