Janine Benyus: 12 sustainable design ideas from nature

http://www.ted.com In this inspiring talk about recent developments in biomimicry, Janine Benyus provides heartening examples of ways in which nature is already influencing the products and…
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  1. Wali G says:

    More impact-ful if you don’t use all capitalization in the slides. Some
    great questions posed, such as: “How does life make things?”

  2. Paul Meyer says:

    Whenever reckless resource plundering occurs, the possibility to
    explore natural assets diminishes accordingly.

  3. Sonia Chiappa says:
  4. Fernando Gama says:


  5. Peri Grinn says:

    You know what else would be a good idea for the self-cleaning surfaces?

  6. Ely Britto says:

    Many years ago, science began a new branch named Cybernetics (nature´s
    imitation)! That new science was destroyed, maybe for economics interests.
    It survived! Wonderful!

  7. Robert Ruisi says:

    I am thrilled to have watched this I can’t begin to say enough Janine
    Benyus hats off. I firmly believe we are the caretakers of the garden and
    you are on the threshold of doing just that. I am just so so… Humble
    thanks for everything you are doing.

  8. Robert W says:

    The robber barons arent going to like this(but yet this is 7 yrs ago) we
    thought we were smart in past i think not Now were being smart Just like
    im so mad at doctors in 1972 telling my mother it not good to breast feed
    here buy this formula ugh…..

  9. SunCastNews -Joe David Lacy says:

    Sustainable Engineering thru Biomimicry of nature.

  10. Phil X says:

    I am wondering how can people not see God’s work in nature.

  11. WhatWouldLoveDoIntl says:

    12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature — Amazing!

  12. Theresa Southam says:

    I love the biomimicry movement! Its the most inspiring thing going right

  13. Mike Shinn says:

    This is inspirational. What we can learn from nature offers real hope for
    solving some of the intractable problems we face, such as using less
    energy, reducing pollution, living in harmony with the environment.

  14. Edible Parks Int'l says:

    12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature — Amazing!

  15. Earthgoddess winton says:

    Great Video Janie Benyus, it is so exciting to learn about this new design
    focus. Thank you. 

  16. Daniel Talbert says:

    “Genius of the natural world” Sounds like a genius made it.

  17. carrie a. dyer says:


  18. Abigail Franco Vazquez says:
  19. MsGnor says:

    Janine speaks beautifully. Love this talk.

  20. roshna Evans says:

    super exciting correlations!

  21. Bárbara Franco says:

    Janine Benyus: 12 sustainable design ideas from n…:

  22. joan rupram says:
  23. Dinis Afonso Ribeiro says:
  24. Mac Kroupensky says:


  25. Beach Witch says:

    This is a BeachWitch – Must Watch- Moment!

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