Jailbreak [All iOS] Dragonvale Hack! gems coins and food (It works on MUCH more games!) works 100%

This is a jailbreak commentary by: CandRfun.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Erin Zhang says:

    doesnt work on ios 8

  2. Andreas Paulsen says:

    Cant see the name of the tweak? What is it

  3. Cris Diaz says:

    Can you hack my gamecenter please email me at crisdiaz889@gmail.com Thnks

  4. Kellan Thelwall says:

    tank you very very much sub and liked

  5. StCamelBoy B says:

    What du you download?

  6. MegaLiamboy says:

    CandRun what do you download i cant hear you

  7. Tub Vang says:

    yea it works >_<

  8. ViperParanormal says:

    doesnt work

  9. DimNoreck Powa says:

    size mismatch?

  10. yahoo911emil says:

    work with clash of clan?

  11. Randomness Empire says:

    Where do you go to search the URL

  12. Kareemoov MC says:

    Thank you so much bro u just got a new sub

  13. Pin Head Larry says:

    +CandRfun If I get lots of IAPS, will it at one point charge me a lot IRL?

  14. DimNoreck Powa says:

    Can you update to ios 7

  15. Pin Head Larry says:

    Says it’s illegal though.

  16. CandRfun says:

    first a private message on youtube otherwise everybody can see your game
    center login name and password :p

  17. Sachill Fr says:

    OMG Thank You So Much!

  18. caleb martin says:

    Plz hack me again and cydia download 🙂



  20. CandRfun says:

    It’s in Cydia 😉

  21. Justin Gamer says:

    whats the app called i cant find it

  22. heartles91 says:

    can you please give me gems in dragonvale? please email me

  23. CandRfun says:

    Send me a private message on youtube 🙂 Then your login name and password
    and I will hack some gems for you 😀

  24. I love #YOGSCAST says:

    btw im caleb martin

  25. CandRfun says:

    It can be, sometimes it takes up to 1 hour if you have many files on your

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