It’s MAGIC! DIY Make your own stain remover for green copper stains! Green Stain Blues

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14 Responses

  1. Annelise Demol says:

    Thanks for the great tip! Is this also safe on coloured clothing?

  2. Neil .the Not So Brave says:

    You’re a legend, thank you for sharing. This knowledge has saved my white
    cashmir Ralph Lauren polo, which I stained rather badly after giving my
    copper garden tap, gas meter and hot water service pipes a good cleaning
    with steel wool, salt and vinegar. (Yes, I have way too much time on my

  3. Chris Ellis says:

    If you have old copper plumbing with brass joints electrolysis will occur
    releasing copper. 

  4. Leigh Ann Snyder says:

    Wow! I can’t thank you enough! I had green stains on the enamel tub in my
    guest bath. I had tried almost everything to get rid of them, and was in
    despair as I thought we would have to either replace the tub or live with
    the stains (and they looked bad). The tub is in really good condition
    otherwise. I tried this, and YES! The stains are gone. Oddly, the tub in
    our master bath, which is I think, acrylic (?) does not have green stains.
    It was only the guest tub. Thank you again.

  5. Colorful Canary says:

    I use a thick paste of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap and baking soda for my
    ceramic walls and enamel tub, I’m not sure how it would work on an acrylic
    one. I’ve never tried this solution on the tub as it is so liquidy, but
    it’s worth a try 🙂

  6. Goody Weaver says:

    Hi there – we have well water with a lot of copper, and it is constantly
    turning our tub walls blue-green (SO happy it’s not turning our clothes
    green!) – it drives me crazy, and I am so sick of scrubbing it. Do you
    think this would work for cleaning the tub and tub walls?

  7. helpfulnatural says:

    That sounds so agravating! I hate mystery stains! Have you checked the
    hoses/lines (themselves) that are directly connected to your washing

  8. Colorful Canary says:

    Yes, we’ve check everything! It’s terribly frustrating. Everything was fine
    until a few years ago when they started putting in a bunch of houses around
    us then all of a sudden our water started turning stuff green. I don’t know
    if it’s a coincidence or if the construction disrupted the water table. Now
    it could be a galvanic response between the copper pipe and the hose
    fitting…Who knows but I’m glas I found a way to remove it, those stains
    were stubborn!

  9. Colorful Canary says:

    Borax is actually quite harsh and can actually be toxic depending on the
    dose. There are lots of “natural” products that can be toxic; Look at lead
    and talc. I have had bad skin reactions to borax. The LD for adults is 15
    grams, < 5 grams can kill a child or pet. Borax can cause skin, eye & respiratory irritation and may impair fertility or cause fetal damage.

  10. TheInvstg8r says:

    Scary, but I’ve noticed green staining after applying fertilizer on lawn.
    Not going to do that any more.

  11. Colorful Canary says:

    Be careful with synthetic fertilizers. mixing dutch white clover seed into
    the lawn will help grass grow greener, choke out weeds and deter cinch
    bugs. Using well composted sheep manure in spring and over-seeding to
    rejuvenate the lawn and natural powdered limestone in fall (if needed to
    correct ph) is the best for a healthy lawn.

  12. Figaro Newton says:

    I am surprised you don’t use borax its a naturally mined product.

  13. Maggie Gee says:

    Had a green ring on my work top from a copper bottomed pan – tried
    everything including bleach and elbow grease ! The magic worked with white
    vinegar and salt mixed into a paste – however my kitchen now smells like a
    typical British Fish ‘n’ Chip shop (that’s Fries to you guys from the
    States) – I know, there’s just no pleasing me. But just might start a new
    food based business. LOL xxx Thanks xxx

  14. Colorful Canary says:

    Hehe. 🙂

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