ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin Laden is Here” – Don’t Be Fooled


Here we go again. Help stop the fear and deception by spreading this message and video. Thanks for watching. LINKS BELOW. BOMBSHELL! Washington D.C based military contractor called ISIS!

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25 Responses

  1. Chris Andujal says:

    Your sarcasm moments are hilarious!

  2. Sani Tizer says:

    In order to accomplish world peace the world must cut off the head of the
    snake which now many educated people are starting to know that the real
    enemy and instigator of most wars going on in this world all have something
    to do with israel… Maybe Hitler was right…

  3. TROUBLEDSUM says:

    Just subbed heard you with Dahboo this weekend, I found another channel to
    sub to as there are getting harder to find, i’m not sure about Freedom
    Fighters, but i’m looking for new channels and his was shut down… But I
    didn’t get to know much about his channel, He had his flaws, but idk just
    looking for other ppl that will report on the Jesuits, the NWO, the
    Different groups, and how the NWO works… I’m tired of controlled
    information… So that’s why i’m looking for others like Dahboo, not even
    AMTV, less alternate media guys I guess, he’s almost a mainstream wannabe
    anyway to me… Says the same stuff over and over, make it viral, and idk,
    hurting the truth not exposing it… i’m sure Dahboo could tell you
    privately, or others

  4. Firstname Lastname says:


    “A FOX NEWS ALERT! Growing concern that the terror tirade in Iraq will soon
    be coming HERE to the United States.”

    “The seeds of 9/11s are being planted all over Iraq and Syria, you don’t
    have to believe me, this is what they’re telling you they’re going to do.”

    “I guarantee you this is a problem we will have to face. We’re either going
    to face it in New York City or we’re going to face it here.”

    This is what the neocons are telling us they are going to do to our country
    if America doesn’t re-engage in the Middle East militarily, and fulfill the
    neocon agenda by going to war against Syria and Iran, and also in Africa,
    which is rich in resources.

    Seize control over the world’s resources in the Middle East and in Africa
    to secure the petrodollar, destroy Iran to stop BRICS, destroy what remains
    of Syria to build a Mideast to Europe pipeline that would run through
    Syria, redraw a part of the world’s map, expand and create a Greater Israel.

    This about the bankster old world order vs a rising Eastern economy and
    alternative currencies to the declining U.S. dollar.

    ISIS is the acronym for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service…The real
    enemy is hiding in plain view.
    Who do the so called “terrorists” work for?..Who is always exploiting the
    issue of “terrorism”?..

    Those are the real bad guys…The neocon agenda is self-fulfilling and it
    literally creates its own enemies to perpetuate itself.

    By going to war against Muslims (who number around 1.7 billion worldwide),
    the neocon War Lobby and the MIC are assured of an endless war.

    By attacking Russian and Chinese interests, the neocons are assured of a
    short last war.

  5. Mark Gerrard says:

    US..(^^^)..250 VIDEOS..(^^^)..UK

    No 145 ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin Laden is Here” –
    Don’t Be Fooled

  6. Abel Danger says:


  7. octavio contreras says:

    who truly runs the media, government, politics and money??? AMERICAN JEWS
    loyal to ISRAEL, they are the socipaths pushing all the lies, hipocresy and
    deception in the media, and the REAL SOURCE of this problem. 100% sure of

    FATmericans: Stop watching sports, drinking beer and eating
    mcdonalds…Take the time to recognize the enemy…zionist jews

  8. Jacob Moore says:

    Conspiracy theorists are the kind of people who force puzzle pieces
    together even though they don’t fit.

  9. Roborav says:

    It’s so obvious this group is another creation by the biggest terrorist
    organization in the world the CIA. Osama was gone do they had to create
    another boogeyman to make the defence contractors and rats who operate as
    politicians and worship their satanic god richer. And the stupid sheeple
    think ISIS is a real group suddenly sprung up from nowhere. Wake the fuck
    up and smell the lies and don’t believe a word if it. This shit is leading
    up to somewhere and they have already got planned just like 9/11. Americans
    should demand the closure of the CIA they are the most nefarious and
    corrupt piece of garbage on this planet.

  10. Ann Boylen says:

    Where’s this so called “WAR” that the CIA/NATO has been setting up the
    “Sheeple” up for huh? Before we put on our TIN FOIL HATS, think about how
    dangerous it is for the CIA to create ISIS. Once you let that out of
    pandora’s box… get the point. People are so stupid these days to
    listen to this babble. Bring cold hard facts or an expose with credible
    witnessees, not hearsay, then I will believe that our own intelligence
    agency is out to fuck us over. 

  11. İsmail İçin says:

    Hello guys, my name İsmail and i’m from Turkey. I want to say they are
    trying to destroy Islam. Please do not let it. We all brothers and sisters.
    This must be explain they are not Muslims.

    But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell,
    wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and
    has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment. (Holy Qur’an,

    If you should raise your hand against me to kill me – I shall not raise my
    hand against you to kill you. Indeed, I fear Allah , Lord of the worlds.
    (Holy Qur’an, 5-28)

  12. Judy West says:

    I kind of knew this.You can’t destroy satan, it’s not a human being!

  13. Pete WDHCo says:

    BOMBSHELL! Washington D.C based military contractor called ISIS!
    ISIS Intelligence Technology Training

  14. V Vendetta says:

    Oh I knew that first time I’ve heard for ISIS terrorist attacks. 

  15. Courtney love says:

    Now before starting fights, Im not a religious person. But if we look at
    the bible and read the end of times/revelations, everything going on in the
    world seems to fit right into it. It’s pretty crazy 

  16. IndifferentDude says:

    1/I0: ISIS is without any doubt the most advanced Zionist asset and
    operation. its founder Ibraheem Award Albakri was released abruptly from US
    custodey in 2006, a period during which innocent prisoners were seldom
    released let alone a formidable fighter.

    2/10: Albakri joined Zarqawi, one of the most lethal fighters against US
    occupation of Iraq, a month later he was bombed and killed by the US. IS
    militia then took over and wiped Iraqi resistance by systematically
    locating targets for US bombing.

    3/10: After release Albakri spent many millions forming his militia during
    US occupation. Although financing of the ongoing mission can be attributed
    to conquest and pillaging, recruitment, facilitation and logistics are
    nearly impossible during present times without some covert intelligence

    4/10: Ignited the sectarian war in Iraq that was nonexistent for several
    years into the occupation, in one incident killed 1500 Sunnis in samuraa,
    many Shiites, destroyed sacred shrines, etc. sectarian slogans were not in
    the agendas of predecessor fundamentalist groups.

    5/10: Never attacked any US targets or bases during occupation of Iraq and
    although still have access to the borders vis Syria never attacked Israel
    even as they are being pounded heavily and expected to be suicidal as a
    last ditch.

    6/10: Extreme practices that are categorically in violation of the basic
    teachings of Islam, even by extremist views, it is forbidden to
    deliberately kill non-muslim civilians or carry out extra judicial
    capricious executions,etc it looks as though someone has prepared a list of
    Islamic virtues to be compromised.

    7/10: Although they seem very aware of the media and public opinion they
    persistently cause great anti Islam sentiment both within Muslim
    communities and internationally by committing unnecessary reprehensible
    violence and ridicule the very idea of an Islamic khaliphate.

    8/10: Fugitives, fighters living in hardships, chaos and limited resources
    but surprisingly very sophisticated when it comes to propaganda, well
    prepared material, in perfect uniformity from Iraq to Libya, exclusively
    prepared to sway western public opinion against Islam.

    9/10: Less than 2 years ago, overrode the legitimate uprising of the Sunni
    regions in Iraq supported by some Shiites challenging the regime ISIS gave
    the needed pretext for massacres and collective punishment. In Syria they
    hijacked the revolution, the same in Libya.

    10/10: A proxy destructiin and killing machine on behalf of the US and
    Israel, exterminating countless Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Christians,etc for
    ethic cleansing, retribution for resisting occpation, strategic goals and
    certainly for Judaic religious reasons.

  17. TheRegimelife says:

    The majority are oblivious to reality, oblivious to the events that will
    come to pass. They have been desensitized from reality, they are
    preoccupied with clandestinely orchestrated or prepackaged television,
    which only serves the interest of those people who control society. The
    government will implement ideas and implant fear into the minds of its OWN
    citizens. Reichstag, 9/11, July 7 bombing, the protocol intern
    puppets(ISIS), and the most recent Paris, France attack was staged. Learn
    from historical events, so you may NOT become a victim of a political
    agenda or be led astray by the media, its your choice. 

  18. jcam0222 says:

    Yea the end times are in the bible because we created the bible. Do your
    research start with the council of nicea!

  19. Paul Von Tyrant says:

    How you’re being programmed in the global, mass media psycho-drama

  20. GermanyFan01 says:

    Exception of Power

    That’s the game right there. Who ever holds the controller can play the
    game as he/she pleases. 

  21. Руслан Гейгер says:

    Why cant we just kill abu!?

  22. BothersomeMonkey says:

    come on “El Baghdadi” sounds like a name I’d make up to troll with!

  23. read8themeraltablet now!!!!!! says:

    if you pay attention to the media they always plant seeds about whats going
    to happen . wake up ! they control everything right down to the amount of
    troops are going to die any given day,they control both partys . we dont
    need a government people we can manage our own comunities , we dont need
    these scum bags ruling over us.take the power back,take the land back,
    these people dont care about human life! they proved that when they droppen
    two nuclear bombs on poor farmers who had nothing to do war.war is
    population control and fun to these scum,like a game of chess to them.they
    get off on think the states is about peace,ask yourself why theyre
    spending trillions on military technology if theyre about peace!!!!! united
    nations !!! its all in the name people!!! there are no more countries
    left,its all controled by the same world government.

  24. MrTarik says:

    abu bakr al Baghdadi is a Zionist jew from france, his real name is simon
    Elliot. that’s why isis only kills muslims and not only leave Israel alone
    but collaborates with them.

  25. Mahadi Raof says:

    Know Thy Enemy.

    For those who are still questioning who ISIS really are and what they
    represent… watch and listen.

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