Is Government the Problem or the Solution? (part 1 of 2)

This debate on the size and scope of government features Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, versus David Callahan, senior fellow, Demos, and editor…

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25 Responses

  1. Cary Gossett says:

    Had to fast forward over David. Hearing such old politico economic myths
    retold is numbing. Good job Yaron! 

  2. helltrackrider says:

    Government isnt the problem…the idea that force, coercion, fraud and
    aggression can be used virtuously is the problem. So…no, Government
    cannot be the solution. My only question to Yaron is you state “I dont
    believe anyone has the right to pull a gun and take stuff”…so, how is
    this “Government” that you feel needs to exist supposed to be funded?…by
    voluntary donations?…if this were the case – it wouldnt be a “Government”
    but a business in competition with other businesses, of course.

  3. MyDormantSoul says:

    Oh great…David Callahan again…

  4. r29 says:

    why isn’t always ayn rand people vs demos. isn’t there any other leftist

  5. puppetsock says:

    Do read my previous note. I answered all that stuff already.

  6. ros1tony says:

    federal reserve makes the us government dependent like a drug addict…
    federal government funds the states and addicts the states… states
    congressional representatives bow to the special interests (public unions)
    getting handouts. the whole process seeks to build the constituency of the
    teachers unions or other state workers at the expense of the majority. it
    will not end… proof is in the trade deficiet, many people are consuming
    for producing nothing… but it will soon end

  7. amul83 says:

    I’d love to see how privatising all the roads would go….

  8. lashkaretoiba says:

    Demos was created by

  9. Midcal9 says:

    Hardwired into being n altruist? Go fu.. yourself Mr Moderator.

  10. puppetsock says:

    Whee! We’ll save money on health care by setting limits on new technology!
    This idea has been floated a few times. It usually is followed by a
    lyniching of the floater.

  11. crusty7208 says:

    i’m british…the nhs is fucked!!!!

  12. amul83 says:

    With respect, there wasn’t anything in your answer that mentioned
    privatising roads on a big scale and how they would be funded in totality.
    Who funds and maintains highways for example? I’m not really against the
    idea at all I’m just wondering how it could be carved up and how motorists
    would be billed for it. Your answer was helpful but it was quite an
    isolated example. Privatising public assets isn’t always as easy as
    flicking a switch.

  13. puppetsock says:

    Callahan is wrong. He’s not stupid, he’s not evil, he’s not insane. He’s
    just wrong.

  14. Mark Coldren says:

    Dr. Brook is awesome.

  15. mikebri527 says:

    Yep, the classic definition of a democracy. Unfortunately, most of the
    brain-dead “sheeple” of this country think we live in a democracy. Nothing
    could be further from the truth. Most of them don’t even know that the word
    democracy doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution, Declaration of
    Independence, and Bill of Rights. Thanks for the post. All the best to you!

  16. Kyle Vafiadis says:

    David Callahan looks physically worse in each successive debate, maybe
    being near Yaron and having to see his own contradictions is breaking him
    down…one can only hope.

  17. duke1duke1 says:

    If the key driver of rising health care costs in the US is technology, then
    why are computers and cell phones, which are rapidly advancing technology,
    going down in price every year? The tech market is free, and the health
    care market is regulated; I’m willing to bet that the regulation is the
    factor that is causing health care costs to rise.

  18. RodCornholio says:

    To skip the near 9 minutes of mind numbing gluteal kissing and academic
    boredom go to 8:40 to hear Yaron.

  19. Feathercoin 6guFed75bh7P3PCE4LxGQKNrxUpx2JSvK8 says:

    20:00 You didn’t build that! Guess Obama didn’t invent that trope.

  20. vegasrenie says:

    If I understand you correctly, that is why we have so many “Departments”
    that are definitely complicating our lives. Unnecessarily, uselessly, and

  21. puppetsock says:

    I can tell you. I used to live in a townhouse-based co-op. The road in
    front of the buildings was privately owned. The co-op was responsible for
    snow removal, maintenance, signs, lights, etc. But access was basically the
    same as though it were a city street. So police, mail, garbage trucks,
    phone company, delivery trucks, etc., all could and did drive on it.

  22. mikebri527 says:

    That’s going to happen no matter what. Even legitimate businesses cheat the
    government out of taxes every day. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to
    stop that. However, there are millions and millions of legal transactions
    that go on every day by honest people that would provide revenue for the
    government. I also believe that if taxation were “modest” most people would
    pay it and not cheat. A lot of people in this country pay 50 cents of every
    dollar they make in taxes.

  23. ros1tony says:

    and end with riots and violence.

  24. puppetsock says:

    Efficiency isn’t the only consideration, as Brook points out early. It’s
    not even a primary consideration. Lots of things are “efficient” that we
    would nearly all call monstrous and reject out of hand.

  25. Jimi Patterson says:

    the moderator says in his intro: two well “reasoned” debaters… theres
    only one…. just saying. 😉

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