Irish landscape – Mystic Black-And-White Landscape Photography

The black and white photography portfolio Irish landscapes – mystic black-and-white landscape photography can be viewed at …

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17 Responses

  1. Karen DeFriez says:


  2. speliotis says:

    spirited spaces

  3. mamiyapress says:

    The image of the bottle on its side at 3:29 is wonderful, a simple image
    that is much more than what it appears to be, so much can be read into this
    picture, time passing, abuse, death, there is a whole story here.

  4. steve denny says:

    Impressive photography Jim, almost a pin hole/ Lomo effect, great textures
    in the close up work with a good eye on composition, I’ll be watching this
    again when next seeking some inspiration.

  5. France Menk says:

    Beautiful, Jim, thanks for sharing!

  6. Carl Donnelly says:

    Lovely images.

  7. James Clancy says:

    Thank you Victor.

  8. angelasp1 says:

    Very poetic, thanks

  9. James Clancy says:

    Thanks tikhont.

  10. Solange Benasulin says:

    Excellent work Jim,strong,sensitive, lonely and very creative how you use
    the garbisch and mess in the nature to express yourself!!!

  11. FanFanBabii says:

    Very Beautiful but a hint. You need to upload in better quality to give us
    the ultimate experience. Hugs from Sweden/Buffan Walter

  12. victorjvjv says:

    Excellent Jim, your work is great !!

  13. Rita C. says:

    Great images, great atmosphere, great soundtrack.

  14. Tikhon Tikhonov says:

    Attractive work!

  15. Ivana Chromá says:

    Very good work and beautiful photos evoking sadness and melancholy. the
    last photo of trees and sky is just fantastic.

  16. James Clancy says:

    Thank you Emma. I am glad you like it.

  17. James Clancy says:

    Thank you Solange.

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