Introduction to Financial Accounting W/ Free Study Materials Earn an A in your first college Financial Accounting course! Companion Ppt presentation…

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25 Responses

  1. Shannon Turner says:

    I need this for my finanical accounting class in college I am currently
    taking. I am majoring in business so I am serious about this class because
    the next one I am taking after this one is managerial accounting!!

  2. skatebrothers06 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. chennaichick says:

    Is there more of this?

  4. EvaSlash says:

    isn’t accounting the same everywhere like you said? does it really matter
    where you earn an accounting degree and do employers really flock to big
    name schools to hire?

  5. Arkida Paul soon to be Benn says:

    thank you for this video….. i did not understood anything my lecturer
    taught me because he didn’t break it down like this…….I DO NOW!!!
    THANKS TO YOU…. thank u soooo much

  6. etramway says:

    @jrluvschristy You are welcome my friend. Study hard and earn that “A.” If
    you master the accounting cycle (usually the first month of class) then
    college accounting will be a walk in the park.

  7. shauna sweetieboo says:

    this is really helpful

  8. 10beldingh says:

    Wow! Thanks for the “logic” advice. Bahahaha. I’ve been struggling like
    crazy with this class because I’ve been trying to make SENSE of
    everything… But you’re right. I need to treat it like a whole other
    language. Thank you SO much!

  9. letlhogonolo ramokgaba says:

    it hasnt been a work in the park 4 me….but thank you for the informative
    video, reminds me of how much i love accounting. -first time accounting

  10. Chloe Taylor says:

    Thanks so much for uploading this video! I’ve just started accounting and
    was overwhelmed with terms and info I didn’t know! You have helped me so
    much 🙂

  11. whoistheidort says:


  12. etramway says:

    @mcwail007 This is a serious question. It is harder now than it was in the
    past to “get paid” for just having a certain degree. Nevertheless, I can
    almost guarantee that if you sit at home and do not study, your earnings
    will not go up very quickly. Study hard and improve your mind… it is the
    only part of the equation that you control. Good luck my friend.

  13. vamshi reddy says:

    yeah. alright. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks
    without much guidance. be mature and do this, my father making lots from
    penny stocks with the help of these professionals. have a try now here >->

  14. bryanmariajr says:

    Thank you so much

  15. dave ziel says:

    what is the google doc link address??? please!!!

  16. navreet kaur says:

    thank you so much! i understand now what goes under debit and credit. I’m
    taking acco 230 which is financial accounting and really having a hard time
    understanding. my teacher is very nice but such a bad explainer-.-

  17. avatāramartin says:

    Very helpful, I got my accounting text book 4 classes late and missed out
    on the basics but because of this video I now have the basic knowledge I
    missed. Thanks a lot.

  18. babydoll112488 says:

    OMG, I’ve been studying accounting for like 2-3hrs everyday and I
    understood some things but this makes everything so clear. This is very
    helpful, good thing I found this video at the begining of my accounting

  19. dave ziel says:

    Is this material available in book form or online for review and study?

  20. SuperAndrei82 says:

    The part about language is a good point – ordinary words take on special
    meanings with technical topics

  21. etramway says:

    @EvaSlash Yes, the accounting rules and mechanics are the same and it
    doesn’t matter where you learn these skills. You really do not even need a
    college, just books. Hopefully the University that you attend is helping
    you learn about mankind and his environment because it is your knowledge of
    the world that will enable you to apply accounting rules properly. Hope
    this helps… study hard!

  22. R ramirz says:

    I like this tutor. youre right i had to drop my class because i did not
    learn the first 4 chapter and to continue is very hard without
    understanding the basics

  23. ChupaLupa175 says:

    This is sooooo helpful, I wish I’d had this last year for my Accounting 1
    class lol

  24. Forestmountains1 says:

    I’m taking Accounting 201, which is called Financial Accounting. Anyway,
    thanks for the video.

  25. Elisha Carvalho says:

    THanks i have been doing Accounting for 5 yrs and i dont understand
    journals cause i dont understand the basics of double entry but im awesome
    my boss loves my work but i wanna progress and thank U for helping me
    understand wat i thought i could skip

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