Introduction to Faster Freestyle Swimming: 5 ways to Improve Technique & Gain Power

From Improve your freestyle swimming technique, efficiency and power with Masters Swimming World Record Holder, National Duathlon winner,…
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6 Responses

  1. S Jan says:

    this is more advertising then tips !

  2. Khaled bouzgarrou says:
  3. mahoolahoo says:

    This short series is the most instructive and helpful swimming guide i’ve
    seen yet on youtube. Excellent work by Karlyn, she really knows how to
    elaborate a concept and teach a practical method.

  4. Julia Cornell says:

    I’ma a competitive swimmer and I really want to get better, but I’m at a
    low point. I’m not getting better. In fact, I’m getting worse. I NEED

  5. Robert Strauss says:

    Teach hand entry and it’s connection to body rotation, as shoulder and hip
    axis remain together. Pretend the hand is a plane, during hand/arm entry:
    “Land the plane” that requires to slip the hand in,(not slapping it in);
    “Use the whole runway”, this requires to drive the arm straight at the
    shoulder line; “AND Bring the Hip”, this WILL keep hip and shoulder axis
    together. 1. Land the plane 2. Stay on the landing strip. 3. Generate power
    from the hip: rt hip to left hand & left hip to right hand

  6. Sindi D says:

    Hello what do you think you are doing wrong and at from 1-10 how low are

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