Introduction: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics

Introduction: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics

In which Craig Benzine introduces a brand new Crash Course about U.S. Government and Politics! This course will provide you with an overview of how the government of the United States is supposed …
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25 Responses

  1. TheZzpop says:

    Anarchism includes a very rich body of political thought. I will be very
    dissapointed if they don’t make any discussion of it. We have to be open to
    the possibility that a logical analysis of our goverment will lead to the
    conclusion that a society without one (and with a radicly different
    economic structure) might be better.

  2. mandydax says:

    Typo in the opening credits 1:52: “apppointed.” I would like to introduce a
    motion to form a committee to look into researching an investigation of
    Thought Café for urinating in public because there is at least 50% too much
    “p” in that word. Will anyone second the motion?

  3. Afro Samurai says:

    I’m making the following predictions: CC is going to state some facts about
    the US government and politics (obviously). Right wingers will call CC
    liberal for stating these facts.

  4. TestTube says:

    We’re super excited for this series, especially the weird hairy faced

  5. The Stry Show says:

    Also, we need a Crashcourse Computer Science, and Crashcourse Mathematics!

  6. Richard T says:

    I’m just happy he called us the right form of government. A Republic. This
    guy sounds pretty unbiased so far.

  7. WheezyWaiter says:

    Who’s this weird, hairy faced host?

  8. Raina Ramsay says:

    “And you also might grow a beard. If you don’t shave.” And are physically
    capable of growing a beard….

  9. Ardiana Comia says:

    I am an anti-chrrrrist, I am an anarchiiiiiist.


  10. Luke William says:

    People say without the state there would be no rules. Then I say, how are
    there rules in chess without a third party?

  11. Charlie'sGayBand says:

    After the Scottish Independence Referendum (I know, I’m sad too we lost). I
    recently became a whole lot more into politics! I’d love to do this crash
    course and learn but the only problem is that every state (all 50 of them)
    has their own laws where as here in the UK the laws are only unique in 3
    places in; England & Wales, Scotland and I think, Northern Ireland. The
    whole 47 jump is gonna be kinda scary.

  12. Andrew Blessington says:

    I’ve never understood why people act so disgusted when I say that I don’t
    want to vote. It’s not all of the time, but there have been occasions when
    I did not think any candidates available were suited to run a country well,
    and I would rather not cast a vote at all than vote for someone I think
    will do a poor job of leading. To most, it’s all about “practicing the
    right to vote”, because it’s “important”, and a “long-standing, sacred
    right that I shouldn’t take for granted”. To me, it’s just people being
    blinded by tradition again. Tradition kills progress, I tell ya.

  13. Xan Roc says:

    But anarchism is fascinating and it’s the one political ideology that
    nobody knows anything about.

    Firstly, Anarchism isn’t the blanket rejection of government, order, or
    even (necessarily) authority, (Crash Course already owes us all a
    correction on this), anarchism could more broadly be described as a
    suspicion of hierarchy and authority.

    For example, an Anarchist would not refuse to see a doctor because he
    should not be recognised as an authority on health issues.

    Under an anarchist system any authority would merely have to be justified,
    as would any means of government, hierarchy, or rule, before it is imposed,
    it is a democratic political philosophy which favours non-hierarchical
    free-association and self-governed voluntary institutions, with an ultimate
    goal of distributing power as evenly as possible amongst all people.

    Anarchism IS, by and large, Anti-statist, anti-dogmatic and

    Anarchism is NOT disorderly, in fact, the anarchist symbol (the A inside
    the O) was designed with the phrase ‘Anarchy is Order’ in mind.

    An explanation of politics without an accurate description of anarchism
    that claims to be comprehensive (as crash course does) is pretty redundant,
    however, most people dismiss it on account of Black Blocs and ’70s punk

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail gave a better description of anarchism with
    it’s brief ‘anarcho-syndicalist commune’ scene than this did -and yet this
    was basically the only political ideology really mentioned here.

    Disappointing. Please fix it.

  14. Bill Williamson says:

    Anarchy is the absence of government and anarchism is the rejection of
    government. I don’t know why these anarchists are so butthurt about a
    subject that was said to not be prevalent in this course. 

  15. Maximilian Stoll says:

    I thought about Obama and democrats and republicans … wouldn’t it be better
    when the United states had three political parties? Here in Germany I’ve
    got the feeling that Obama tries to change things but the other half of the
    Kongress (Or whatever it’s called) blocks all his moves because they can.
    They want him to look motionless and unconvincing. In a three (or more)
    party system this would still be possible but this
    brother-and-sister-fighting-about-the-remote feeling wouldn’t happen so
    often … Can someone explain this to me?

  16. Allen Su says:

    Noooooooo… I want John Green…

  17. Arturo Gutierrez says:

    yay, Wheezy Waiter! :D

  18. Jasper van Manen says:

    I really want a anarchy episode!

  19. Adrian Rodriguez says:

    So Guam is the “Mongols’ exception” on this course?!

  20. hanibal43 says:

    ONLY JON no offense Craig BUT FUCK YOU FOR NOT BEING JON I love this new
    series btw

  21. Jeannina Perez says:

    Love John Green, but since you all are expanding hosts already, how about
    diversifying a bit? 

  22. Psicho says:

    As a non-american, why would I give a crap about this series?

  23. Koppa Dasao says:

    Anarchy is the most encompassing of all governmental form. Anarchy at its
    best is better than democracy at its best, but anarchy at its worst is
    worse than democracy at its worse.

  24. Sicarius says:

    Wow. Surprisingly I’m learning this in college.

  25. Barry Wheeler says:

    Did PBS took over?

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