Intro to Fine Art Digital Printing

Sponsored by Canson Infinity Join Hudson Valley landscape photographer and Canson Infinity ambassador Robert Rodriguez Jr in this basic…

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  1. mark y says:

    I’ve printed images at 96dpi and at 360dpi, there is very little
    difference. The printer interpolates up the native resolution very well.

  2. Jürgen Weginger says:

    For those who like to print their own pictures or plan. This video explains
    very well all the aspects that are considered to arrive a perfect print.

  3. beth Walker says:

    Intro to Fine Art #DigitalPrinting –

  4. Collen Mahamba says:
  5. flow vb says:

    this is fantastic!

  6. Sello Mathakhoe says:

    Hi there , i just wanted to tell you that your Intro to Fine Art Digital
    Printing was helpful to me and my team. We are working on our online
    gallery at the moment and we where thinking of digital priints for display.

    Anyway thanks for the intro


  7. Keith Dotson Photography says:

    Very good info – thank you!

  8. Michael Levesque says:

    I have watched this video twice .. excellent presentation. Thanks Robert,
    thanks B&H.

  9. paul schillinger says:

    Obviously, you have NO clue as to the true nature of the subject. There is
    your world and then there’s the rest of the world. Fine art inkjet printing
    is very much alive and well in 2014 as it will be for many years to come.
    Wakey wakey time!!

  10. Selvin Ortiz says:

    Very good intro, nicely done Robert.

    There is one detail that I think you may have missed in regards to
    resolution when it comes to display devices and that is, Pixel Density.
    Which is not really relevant for printing but it does make a difference
    when going from a device that has the standard pixel density to one that
    has a higher density like Retina display devices.

    Thanks Robert and B&H for this informative talk!

  11. Sandra Whaley says:

    Extremely helpful! Answered the questions of this photographer who learned
    her fine arts craft with a Deardorff and the zone system, my own developer
    mixture and printing techniques in my own darkroom. I’m greatful to have
    this help as I launch digital printing in my studio.

  12. Marc Meeks says:

    mahadragon: Clearly this video was for people who print, like me. It isn’t
    that Robert is out of touch, it’s that you are. You really think
    professional or serious amateur photographers don’t print photos? When you
    step into a photo gallery you see what – blank white walls? You’re saying
    no residential home should have a photo print on the wall anymore because
    you can look at that same image on an iPad or iPhone? No art school,
    gallery, home, store, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, hotel, bar, nightclub,
    school, hospital, or any institute of any kind, should have a photographic
    print on their wall because they should only be viewing images on some
    idiotic electronic device the size of a matchbook, or at its biggest, a
    computer screen? You mean, that in the year 2014, nobody, and I mean
    nobody, should dare give a photographic print to any other living human
    being as a gift merely because they can zip that image over to them on
    their iPhone with a touch of their thumb, and that embryonic-size image
    will retain all the same visceral impact as a 20×30 print? Thanks for the

  13. Scott Wingfield says:

    Printing your art.

  14. goodwira25 says:

    Thanks to B&H for broadcasting this very interesting lecture. I hope I have
    learnt the lessons Robert was talking about, at the very least I am now
    more knowledgeable about the whole topic.

  15. Andrea Fine says:

    Wonderful, serious explanation of all things printable. Great talk about
    bit depth, srgb pro rgb etc.

  16. nino aliano says:

    Dear Mr. Rodriguez. on your printing chart for printing sizes you have ppi.
    I think it must be dpi dots/inch.

  17. Krutika's Art Gallery says:

    Thank you!

  18. Darren Morton says:

    Hi, Just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to make such a
    great and helpful tutorial. This has been so handy for me. I have been
    trying to work things out myself after buying an Epson 7800 to print my own
    photography! Have a lot to learn but your an inspiration.

  19. Kat Erina says:

    Thanks for a very informative video, I learned a lot!
    I wonder what is your opinion on Canson Baryta paper?

  20. FatTonyCologino says:

    The feeling of getting a print in your hands is so much more fulfilling
    than a digital image. I’ve loved that feeling since I was 5 yrs old getting
    my snapshots developed at the local pharmacy lol.

  21. AJ Kubes says:

    Excellent, thorough presentation with loads of info. Particularly enjoyed
    the bit depth & colour space topics, thanks for uploading!

  22. Jonathan Hoiles says:

    This was fantastic! Thank you very much for the detailed information. Keep
    bringing Robert back. 

  23. Billy Newman says:

    digital printing has changed the game for me. The ease and speed of product
    development means I can run most of the production from my studio. 

  24. Printing ATLG says:

    excellent video presentation!! I really enjoyed watching such educative
    piece of video. Digital printing is an important aspect for photographers
    and this video will be educative for viewers. Thanks.

  25. DOUG FERGUSON says:

    Hi, i take alot of panoramics. Do you know how i can sign them electronicly
    ? Thanks

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