Intel Compute Stick Review – Bay Trail Micro PC for $150

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24 Responses

  1. Matthew Dolby says:

    I’d probably use this for a HTPC and just run Kodi on it. That’s all I’d
    need it for.

  2. Stan Velijev says:

    I kind of want to buy a cheap ass tv or monitor and wall mount it in my
    kitchen with one of these things and maybe a bluetooth speaker. Use that
    with a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo, would be nice for looking up
    recipies or watching some youtube in the morning, or just entertainment
    while cooking.

  3. Chuffererd says:

    No ethernet? No cooling Why not make this thing just a little bigger and
    make it useful. It’s not portable because you have to carry an HDTV with
    you. Maybe for half the price.
    For under $50 ($200 new) you can get a little 10″ laptop that has more
    power to do the same thing. It’s what I used to watch this video. I just
    set it up and turned off the LT screen and velcroed it behind the TV. I
    have a second one for Torrents so it doesn’t bother my video viewing.
    Wireless keyboard and mouse for a remote. It’s not as quick or powerful as
    my DT but it has a 55″ and couch and pillows.

  4. Jakub Kubaščík says:

    GTA V bechmark?

  5. TopRameen says:

    Well I typed intel computer stick into google and the first article that
    shows is a review by Gizmodo titled “Intel Compute Stick Review: Don’t Buy
    It” lol. Turns out it’s not as great as it seems.

  6. RickMakes says:

    Does this have HDMI-CEC support? HDMI-CEC is a big strength of the
    Raspberry Pi in my opinion.

  7. jc deguzman says:

    I think its good torrent server and xbmc player . just hook up a usb hub
    and 1080p movies on hdd and your good to go.a good 24/7 low wattage media

  8. Yang Ji says:

    $69 for this stick may be better.
    HP Stream 7 has similar specs except 1 GB memory, but it also has a 7 in
    screen and a battery built in. It is usually $80. Plus, it has one year for
    Office 365, some Skype minutes, and Windows Store credit.

  9. Techno Niko says:

    Is the atom series (specifically in this case) ARM or x86?

  10. Rishabh Ranga says:

    Who will use this , aliens XD

  11. Fred Flintstone says:

    Ryan a much better idea is to get a windows 8.1 tablet, specifically the
    winbook tw802 from microcenter. For 99.00 bucks you get a 8″ 720p tablet
    with the same CPU/ram/memory, all you need to get is a HDMI cable and a
    keyboard and you got a sick HTPC setup that is surely faster than this
    stick because it isnt throttled as much. They also have a 7″ model for 60
    bucks with 1gb ram and 16gb’s of storage.

  12. Goku AKA Kakorot says:

    can it run xbmc though???

  13. TheBaxter96 says:

    high end servers,enthusiast,mainstream,nucs,mobile and now this little
    thingy . intel has them all

  14. AxelLNo1 says:

    There are already Chinese versions of it out there for less money. Maybe
    you could look into that too for comparison. Does the intel logo worth the
    bigger price tag?

  15. vgamesx1 says:

    My only issue with these things is the price, as you said in the beginning
    it has about the same specs as one of those low end tablets, however..
    without a screen and battery, while $150 isn’t asking for a lot sure, I
    don’t see how in most cases you could justify buying this instead of a
    similar tablet with an HDMI port which would be heck of a lot more useful,
    I think this should at the very least come with a Celeron N2840 or
    something of a step up from their atom processors if they want $150.

  16. Peter Anfindsen says:

    wow..I want one

  17. slayer768 says:

    This is pretty cool. You can do media streaming, web browsing, and run most
    emulators plus full windows 8.1. Awesome Video as usual.

  18. L4ur17 says:

    Now i finaly know how i spend my money :D

  19. hmbrz says:

    if the usb port was 3.0 and it had a gigabit ethernet port I would feel
    very tempted to buy one

  20. Kuddlesworth NA says:

    Can you put Linux on it.

  21. Damien Bafile says:

    can’t wait to see the linux version.

  22. Michael John Battista says:
  23. Sayantan Banerjee says:

    Can it run Crysis ?

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