Inside The Body Beautiful (2012) Ep2 – How Fat Works

Documentary looking at the physiological and psychological pressures people face as they battle the bulge. Using computer graphics to travel inside the body, the film explores the science of…

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25 Responses

  1. BH3HB says:
  2. New-clear says:

    Er, that Joe guys body was fine!

  3. dani bye says:

    Oh wait so they call 1200 calories per day a crash diet in 2012? Around
    people that I know it is and always was 500 or less… :/ Looks like I grew
    up in some crazy pro-ana community wow. 

  4. MEEHOWtv says:

    I can’t stand listening to this chick. She has a voice of a 40 year old
    woman who somked her entire life. 

  5. Tasha Bates says:

    True..the time it takes to make a salad one can have a microwave also needs to consider the costs. A can of ready made
    soup or chili cost pennies compared to the veg needed for a salad.
    Especially if you want to take things like GMOs into account. So i think we
    need to make healthy organic non GMO foods as affordable as others before
    we can start to judge people for choosing them…

  6. REIQ says:

    Its the Sugar in the food making you addicted to it! 

  7. Sophie Foster says:

    shed be better off making her own juices or banana based smoothies, milk is
    not good and her diet is unsustainable, although the fruit based drinks
    would be slower weight loss it would really detoxify her body rather than
    fucking it up :/

  8. FurryFerris says:

    That fucking guy disgusts me!
    16 years of training with no results huh? Work fucking HARDER. And to then
    just buy some sort of physique via surgery, fucking disgusting. At LEAST
    have the basic decency to work for it, and if everything fails, buy
    yourself some fucking testosterone and work some more!!!

  9. Leah Pagaduan says:

    Be vegan.. And everything will be ok..

  10. Sophie Foster says:

    She’s 46.2% fat wtf !!! thats almost double the ideal amount !

  11. Tony Tran says:

    what song is at 2:34?

  12. shawn corrigan says:

    ok i want to be very clear, i am not a nice person ,i really dont care
    about others except those who stood up for and fought for my freedom. maybe
    a few relatives and friends but i want everyone to listen very carefully.
    WE ARE BEING SETUP FOR OBESITY AND DISEASE (there are some people who want
    us sick and docile) i can prove this easily, but it takes to much typing
    and time. i have done countless hrs of research and i can say that MOST
    FAT PEOPLE CANNOT HELP IT sure they eat alot and bad choices also but thats
    because they have basically given up.
    the food pyramid and the lies about saturated fat(natural fat is highly
    nutritious and does not have a insulin response) and selling of un-natural
    industrial seed oils as “healthy” (corn soy rape(canola)and cottonseed
    which are poison) are most of the problem. it is a recipe for sugar
    addiction and heart disease.
    if you are fat, or even have a little belly fat you are likely in the
    trap too. you can break out but you need to understand how it works. i
    would love to give all my secrets but ill just chat with people who
    appreciate my knowledge,im sure i will have lots of ignorant naysayers.
    good luck and keep doing your research. google tim noakes
    insulin resistance and keto adaption. 

  13. Cloudclaws AJ says:

    Omg im worried if im fat i don’t have the thingy to measure weight.. my
    parents never brought it

  14. Clinton Kapp says:

    Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman points out that eating a nutrient-dense,
    high fiber diet is the best way – and the healthiest – way to drop pounds
    and keep them off. With so much misconception regarding diets, much of went
    on in this vid could have easily been accomplished with intelligent
    eating… Another great one to help understand food is The China Study, by
    T. Colin Campbell.

  15. miloice74 says:

    The guy must be joking, working out regularly in the gym? He should shot
    his personal trainer and himself for the lack of self esteem and
    determination to build up.

  16. Yoda on DMT says:


    Now can people stop asking where vegans get their protein from… We get
    them from the amino acids that form the proteins in RNA strands.

  17. Rachel Harris says:

    If its not your fault youre fat then whos fault is it?!

  18. Jiewen He says:

    Looking at her way of eating, I seriously suspect if the blonde girl could
    achieve any progress in her weigh loss…

  19. j salgado says:

    watch this

  20. sootherbs says:

    great documentary, it shows a few different unhealthy ways of losing weight
    and how it affects the body and the mind. The graphics hopefully helped
    those that didn’t understand how it works. In the end exercise of any kind
    and healthier eating/clean eating is always the fool proof method that
    works every time, you just have to stick with it, and it gets easier once a
    few weeks pass by.

  21. Roxana S says:

    ugh,what the actual fuck,she is 18 and looks like 30 with a very irritating
    voice..’vodka is the one good for you’

    you are fucking 18,leave the alcohol and join a gym

  22. vidform says:

    A white girl named Ebony. And for the guy who had lipo, if this was filmed
    in 2012, I wonder what he looks like today or the next 10 years. I think
    Ebony and Joe should start doing squats and deadlifts in the gym.

  23. woopwoop police says:

    the black guy is like ”lazy cunt”

  24. Ф says:

    “Starvation mode” oh my god do people still believe this exists

  25. Goldie B says:

    At least Jo made an effort to lose the fat before he went under the knife,
    he clearly did his research. Ebony made no effort what so ever, her
    unhealthy lifestyle is ageing her rapidly.

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