Insane Bulking Plan!

Insane Bulking Plan!

Looking for a better program or diet? Want to work closely with me as a strength and bodybuilding coach? How about an affordable custom training, diet, and supplement program? Check out http://www …

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25 Responses

  1. George Leeman says:

    Customize your message

  2. Team Salvage says:

    did anyone else laugh there ass off or was it just me

  3. Jack Samuel says:

    fuck man i bet all that shits cheaper in the states

  4. BonFathead says:

    you big crazy fuck

  5. m45t4 says:

    1st World problems ^^

  6. joseph lopez says:

    loving the fuckin snickers idea:)

  7. AlwaysOnP0int says:

    Where’s your eggs brah?

  8. Tomislav Ćalušić says:

    best diet ever!
    wish i could eat like this :D

  9. ticosexy22 says:

    Damn son, you are gonna get sick!!

  10. Mikey Fenlon says:

    This is a MAN bulk!

  11. calpitoc says:

    Bulking is always fun. I’m hungry now.

  12. Colby Miller says:

    I wish gaining weight wasn’t a problem. I have such an appetite 

  13. MsSucka says:

    bro bulking

  14. Andrew Kavanagh says:
  15. insilio41 says:

    lol! this is pretty fucking epic how many calroies is that per day?

  16. nanoleo81 says:


  17. Ramin233 says:

    george what do you work as?

  18. MsSucka says:

    you aint natural stfu

  19. jrb752 says:

    so hungry now

  20. Toos Training says:

    good vid g

  21. Fasamasan says:

    dont use hot water! only cold and no soap. i usually clean them in the
    evening. if you cant get the smell out, just fill it with vinegar and leave
    it overnight. the smell will be gone

  22. t r says:

    ***that aren’t mentioned in this video

  23. BigRed89 says:

    he’s cutting now

  24. John Horte says:

    Yeah, with that attitude we should all start smoking. Obviously, not
    everyone who smokes gets cancer, not everyone who eat non-organic beef will
    get cancer. I guess that makes smoking okay.

  25. Motivation1993 says:

    when people moan that they cant put on weight or say there metabolism is
    too high then they should be more dedicated and do what george is doing..
    literally surrounding himself with hand on foods and drinks that are full
    of good carbs, fats and proteins and are readily available, the man even
    has a fucking alarm clock thats dedication right there

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