Influence Techniques: How To Influence People In Five Simple Steps

Influence Tips: In this video Paul Mascetta breaks down his patented GRIPS method for influence.

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9 Responses

  1. Paul Mascetta says:

    Just posted a new video where I break down a simple 5 step system for
    influencing people called the GRIPS method.

  2. Connor Travers says:

    I’m impressed, your presentation was very good and very simple I like that,
    I will be watching more of your videos and thank you for doing this.

  3. Guy Prince says:

    wow this diserves a mill views no joke … 

  4. oc5000able says:

    YOU ROCK … GREAT presentation

  5. Derek Chan says:

    you are a legend my friend

  6. hichem benzair says:

    I wanna know if you have a book, in which I can learn all those tricks.
    (I’m more a reading person). Thanks a lot. 

  7. Raven Luma says:

    good charisma

  8. Soniica Bamrah says:

    ThumBs Up !!! 

  9. Yousif Jawhar says:

    Do I need to keep on talking or talk ast, or is it ok if I just use normal
    flow with long pauses?

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