Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers NFL Football Playoffs Odds and Pick from Gamblers Television

From Pro Football AFC Wildcard Playoff Saturday Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers (+1) (8PM ET) (NBC) San Diego qualified in the playoffs as AFC West…
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19 Responses

  1. philblunt420 says:

    Home dogs won today


    good pick and “analysis” buddy never take Peyton post regular season he’s

  3. DUGLESSM says:

    where is the guy now?? is he still alive?

  4. yoshiebe says:

    wrong again

  5. surroundedbyfuckwads says:

    what a faucktard

  6. MrTheNewOne says:


  7. JohnEko says:

    Thanks for making this a reply to my video, I am glad I found your channel.
    Interesting stuff.

  8. clilfellac says:

    i picked the chargers +2 1/2 and under 50 i won 5 team parlay.. includes
    ari -1, bal -3 and phi -3 go to espn nfl scoreboard then click intel for
    every game.. it helps

  9. Tarasco29 says:

    awesome GAME!! GOOOO chargers…

  10. FoolishMortal333 says:

    CHARGERS WIN BITCH…you don’t know SHIT BITCH!!!!!!

  11. BishopRealTalk says:

    I would stay away from this game, when it comes to bets. Colts never play
    good vs 3-4 defenses. And regardless of what a injury report says, L.T
    looks great, and will be a factor. I still think Colts are gunna win. But I
    just wouldn’t put money on it.

  12. dream2befamous says:

    You like that game changing sack by Dobbins late in the fourth? So much for
    a weak pass rush and lots of time for Manning. BOLTS beat COLTS. GO

  13. pitbull103 says:

    This is TV for degenerates. This guy shows why gambling is such a hideous
    business. I know. I have been in the misery. For all the posts of wonderful
    winnings, you don’t see the miserable defeats and the ridiculous amount of
    time and worry wasted on point spreads. It’s a horrible life that I’m glad
    I am out of. If you feel trapped, know that the jones does go away
    eventually. It is hard, but you can beat it.

  14. Monte Kivo says:

    Not sure who this is but nice video BettorsChat

  15. Dr. Cunt Muffin says:

    No he killed himself because he sucks at making odds picks

  16. jimmyjohnson1960 says:

    i just heard a song on youtube called the geat cardinal nation and it was a
    awesome song

  17. coreyjar23 says:

    NOTHING chargers baby

  18. alex mark says:

    yeah boltz 4 life fuck indy

  19. MasterMinded1 says:

    Learn NFL’s Secrets

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