Immortal Technique – The Martyr (w/ lyrics)

Immortal Technique – The Martyr [‘Elizabeth’ Movie intro] I’m content to die for my beliefs So cut off my head and make me a Martyr The people will always remember it “No. They will forget”…
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24 Responses

  1. Gr8 B8 M8 says:

    the guy in the very beginning sounds like Athelstan from Vikings

  2. ty R says:

    i would gladly be a Martyr if i could find a faction worth dying for..

  3. Kia Love says:

    He speaks the truth. 

  4. flashman2800 says:

    Damn this is heavy

  5. ROBBY Van says:

    3000th like lol funsa

  6. Jayden Saavedra says:

    Dis song is deep it needs more views!

  7. xxBlasphemousxx says:

    In the land of freedom we are held hostage by political correctness

  8. Jacky Vazquez says:

    He speaks the truth

  9. Sovereign7 says:


  10. nytrow100 says:

    Many a times I’ve endorsed Tech’s views but I can’t understand what he
    trying to denote with the Gandhi-Hindu thing. I mean no one in India denies
    that Gandhi was killed by Hindu. Many are even feel proud about it.! Now
    this evil Hindu radical belonged to an organisation which was against
    Muslim separatism, whereas Gandhi supported it. That’s how Pakistan became
    a separate country. And till this date Ind-Pak have fought 4 majors wars
    against each other. Our friends/enemies have used this conflict of ours to
    infiltrate all the 3 countries with terrorism. Due to this, thousands of
    soldiers and common citizens have died. Only if that evil Hindu radical had
    committed that heinous crime before separation,thousands of lives might
    have been saved. 

  11. Michael Perez says:

    Just enjoy the music stop biccering come together to fight not fight each

  12. Geoffrey Kisia says:

    die for a course

  13. NAme says:

    Hail Hitler

  14. Hewen1944 says:

    no but nationality and race dont mean anything especially nationality
    nationalities are what allows for divisions on the socioeconomic level “The
    borders should be illegal instead of the people” to quote immortal technique

  15. Liberty Freeman says:

    Raise Your Arms up! Time to get them off your back!

  16. sean hines says:

    and this is coming from a person who voted for bush for 1 reason and one
    reason lone, because he’s a fucking brainwashed dumb ass

  17. sean hines says:

    dude honestly nobody here is going to listen to your fake ignorant
    preaching of bullshit lies so why don’t you just fuck off go troll somthing

  18. solid786snake says:

    Gandhi was killed by Hindu everybody knows dat why would muslims kill him
    without him there would be no serperation from muslims and Hindus long live

  19. Shadow0510 says:

    Best part is the Taliban has had little, if ANY interaction with

  20. Comrade Commissar says:

    Thank you

  21. Fuzzymcstank says:

    they can have their wallstreet, ive got a soul to occupy…keep up the good
    fight brothers

  22. Luis Salas says:

    @phxhaze707 He doesn’t talk shit. He states facts. He Doesn’t disrespect
    patriots, just cause there fighting illegal wars that he Doesent
    neccasarily believe in. He’ll still respect the indavidual for paying there
    sues and having the balls to go out and defend the perceived protection of
    the United States

  23. micky6633 says:

    your obviously remedial

  24. sean hines says:

    dude, if any body’s a murderer it’s america and pieces of shit like you!
    you want the definition of a fucking brainwashed/hypnotized ignorant
    uneducated psychopath? well, u don’t even have to look it up, just read
    your comments

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