Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 1 Full Album

Immortal technique revolutionary volume 1 Creation and Destruction 0:00, Dominant Species 3:08, Positive Balance 6:57, The Getaway 10:14, Beef & Broccoli 12:55, No Me Importa 15:01, Top of…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. HC Menace says:

    2015 and I’m still jamming this album ya’ll feel me!?

  2. Cm Honsu says:

    Surprised the CIA haven’t assassinated him yet

  3. Tubbs Tibbs says:

    Immortal Technique is a legend for questioning the biggest issues of our
    That takes huge-ass balls…. because NOBODY wants to talk about this shit.

    Most of the … ”rappers” today talk about money , women and all these
    shit !!!! immortal technique speaks the truth !!!! that takes balls !!! and
    it’s rare in our days ! i admire him

  4. Viktor Hanačík says:

    My mission is to take you, lyrically break you
    Lyrically assassinate you
    Lyrically incinerate your body and recreate you
    To destroy the power that mentally incarcerates you

  5. Jeremy Mault says:

    Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 1 Full Album:

  6. Jeremy Mault says:

    Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 1 Full Album:

  7. eatrejosm says:

    I know about hiphop..I know Rakim and Big Daddy Kane are dope..I know wu
    tang is dope..I know mobb deep is dope..I know Nas is dope..and I fucking
    now this mothafuca is dopeeee!!! fo showww bitcheeesss!!!!

  8. Biff Jackson says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Tech is that he doesn’t seem to see that
    liberals are just as corrupt as conservatives.

  9. Jeremy Mault says:

    Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 1 Full Album:

  10. D' Artagnan says:

    Track Listing. (I know it’s in the video info, but I was finding it hard to

    Creation and Destruction 0:01
    Dominant Species 3:08
    Positive Balance 6:57
    The Getaway 10:14
    Beef & Broccoli 12:55
    No Me Importa 15:01
    Top of the Food Chain 18:57
    The Poverty of Philosophy 22:20
    Revolutionary 28:34
    Spend Some Time 33:44
    Dance with the Devil / Hidden Track 34:42
    The Prophecy 44:22
    Understand Why 47:39
    No Mercy 48:25
    The Illest 51:53

  11. fonkymaster says:

    I’m from 2070 and this is still dope.

  12. Juan Gonzalez says:

    The Poverty of Philosophy hit me hard, my skin crawled…

  13. HC Menace says:

    I’m the Neosapian but yall are still acting like homos seriously tho its
    lines like that makes them unpopular. Your typical Joe will never
    understand rhymes like that 

  14. GLOBALRAPTUREdotcom says:

    what low frequency people disliked this video LOL sorry

  15. lyasu69 says:

    hhmmm new york underground hip hop…

  16. emu cat says:

    new to me, there’s a touch of magic with this chap.

  17. leon madara says:

    immortal technique…lyrical n revolutionary n inspirin as always..he is mo
    than just hiphop n this album tells it all..still jammin it too

  18. graffiticatdog says:

    This.. Is REAL hip hop. THIS is real political message. THIS is real
    insight. PLEASE .. Black/White/Latino, listen to “philosophy,” and hear his
    words. The problem the United States and all of us living within its
    borders faces is an imbalance of the CLASSES. CLASSISM is the REAL problem.
    The people need to take the land and economy back from the 1%.

  19. Kool Skooter says:

    What’s the album cover suppose to represent?

  20. Naer Neitztein says:

    Top hip hop album of all time. Srs

  21. connerthecreator says:

    Democracy doesn’t work anymore! It’s like Communism it looks good on paper
    but in reality its not good. How can you let fate decide what happens in
    the country?

  22. John Drake says:

    I hate these corny ass IT dickriders. Some of you sound gay AF. hes a great
    rapper but sometimes the fans sound sooo corny.

  23. Jose Sanchez says:

    “Stellar density becomes your physical alignment 1.8 billion tons per
    square inch confinement” SICK Lyrics

  24. Juan Bulux says:

    Fuck you puppets

  25. Jeremy Mault says:

    Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 1 Full Album:

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