Immortal Technique – Caught In A Hustle Lyrics

Immortal Technique – Caught In A Hustle Caught In A Hustle Lyrics. The timing is a little bit out of place. the music FILE was fucked…
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25 Responses

  1. Juan Gonzalez says:

    how t’f does this song only have 2 million views? and nikki minaj crap
    tracks have hundreds of millions?

  2. BoneFlow L says:

    Tech needs to make some new tracks like this. Can’t get enough of this.

  3. Sea Town says:

    Immortal Technique and Pharoahe Monch are my favorite rappers and lyricists
    today, no elaboration is even necessary. 

  4. Tao Ming says:

    The truth of life has been revealed, if you want to know whats real and
    whats not, Google *Truth contest* and check out the truth the evidence
    supports. Reality is not what you think, in fact its the opposite. 

  5. Tyrone Biggums says:

    Tech said he wrote this song in just an afternoon in contrast to Dance with
    the Devil and You Never Know, which both took years.
    But this is still my favorite, I can’t say why.

  6. Ryan Durgacharan says:

    There is no democracy, and there is no freedom
    The world is just a business, and you must take what your given.
    Power, money and greed is the cancer of the elite
    They put profit before people, then tell us all is sweet.
    If religion is peace, and a law that cant be broken
    Then why do innocents perish for what we believe in?
    When you look at the TV all that you see
    is a blindfold on your brain to hide what is real.
    There’s poison in the water, the food and the air
    Of course It comes from all the chemicals that we put in there.
    But there is an easy answer to all this confusion
    I know it’s dumb and simple, but only love will burn the illusion.
    We are powerful beyond measure and we don’t even know it
    but just look into your hearts then you will become the poet,,,

  7. Napoleon R. Leyesa says:

    Immortal Technique – Caught In A Hustle Lyrics:

  8. Phillip Rubio says:

    Too many people are scared to be real about what’s really going on around

  9. Lord Hades says:

    One of the sickest tracks ever. The lyrical composition, the delivery, the
    hook, the beat and the vocals. Truly amazing!

  10. Bradley Barwick says:

    Not just the best “Rapper”, “Hip hop aritst” alive, the greatest LYRICIST
    of all time, there are others who have amazing skill, but nothing is on par
    with or surpasses Techniques content, rhyming, and ability to stay on topic
    regarding whatever subject the song is about, even if a verse at first
    seems a bit out of place its just a metaphor for exactly what he is
    speaking about, realest musician ever, love this guy

  11. sadiq shady says:

    immortal technique is one of the best in history

  12. Inner Worlds says:

    IMHO, one of the greatest tracks of all time

    There is so much truth in this that it hurts……real bad.

  13. Raymeek Williams says:

    “The mind of a child is where the revolution begins.”

  14. Henny Hardaway says:

    this dude is the best rapper alive, hand sdown

  15. Denver Riddell says:

    This song’s lyrics are spectacular, it’s beat is beautiful

  16. Joey Teez says:

    “eye’m like the little kids on tv that dig through the trash, eye hustle
    regardless of the way you talk shit and laugh”

  17. Danny D says:

    Anaconda-Nicki Manaj 600,000,000 views
    Caught in a hustle-Immortal Technique 2,000,000 views

    Sorry but we are fucked

  18. Ryan Strachan says:

    Will always LOVE this joint. 

  19. wayne mortell says:
  20. Fuzion180 says:

    Damn, my last comment was a year ago that’s crazy how fast it’s gone by!
    Love this song, such awesome lyrics perfect to listen to when you’re
    thinking and feeling a bit down. Love that sigh he does at the end.

  21. Aron vw says:

    Immortal Techique always speaks the painfull truth, the truth people don’t
    dare to see.

  22. saifskyline says:

    I hope the world wakes up and together we throw off all these corrupted
    government off their positions, throw off all these corrupted kings and
    queens and then have justice in the world.

    I guess we have to wait until the end of time because everyone is blind! 

  23. d wolfy says:

    He turned me on to rap and the older I get i go back to these songs and
    realize how he has shaped my ideals. Hes a total fucking inspiration. Keep
    it REAL

  24. Sagacity Lawless says:

    the mind of a child is where the revolution begins 

  25. William Klose says:

    everytime i hear another Immortal Technique song, its like hearing a whole
    new story with a entire new prespective on life…. damn..

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