Immortal Technique – 07 Goonies Never Die – The Martyr (lyrics)

A song from Immortal Technique new album The Martyr Download the whole album for free here: If you like this song,support him Lyrics from…

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23 Responses

  1. kyle kenney says:

    fucking awesome i love it

  2. Adept08808 says:

    I love the background music it goes perfect with the lyrics

  3. mindxdetergent says:

    its baby ruth not baby roof….

  4. Towerofsnake says:

    @mindxdetergent thats the troof

  5. Dylan McAnally says:

    Yeah, that’s why I like the beat so much. One of my favorite movies of my

  6. HDefaultPlayer says:

    what does the kid say after 5:06 ?

  7. Mithradates Megas says:

    I cry during half of this mother fucker’s songs.

  8. pkingowns says:

    another great song by the best

  9. jsvkia says:

    “Draw on stuff”

  10. Ace Hernandez says:

    you cry i play video games listening too his songs

  11. donrobertoni says:

    where is the intro a sample from?? i want to play that for my kids ahaha…
    get em an early start in life 🙂

  12. Heyla Lovii says:

    damn i wanted to download this to my ipod. i cant stop listening to it.

  13. illegalCinema says:

    @HDefaultPlayer He said “sucka”.

  14. xForgottenFaithx says:

    @Tethyrin cuz it’s all true

  15. supermastergod says:

    You do realize that beat is the opening track from The Goonies movie, right?

  16. disgustipated57 says:

    one wrong thing about the lyris. Baby Ruth* the candy bar.

  17. Spiritboy mark says:

    LoL. Little empanada is too naughty. 😀

  18. Ascendaeus says:

    Kick Fuckin’ Ass.

  19. John Doe says:

    draw on stuff.. play karate.. borrow things…

  20. Dylan McAnally says:

    Fucking sick beat

  21. Omar Moodie says:

    “How did you afford all that polo, I know you didnt pay for it”

  22. poablo says:

    how did you afford all that powlow, I know u didn’t pay for it

  23. Niki Cole says:

    Ahh, is he saying “big chicks” or “thick chicks?” i’m leaning towards the
    latter…what do you think?

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