IMD MBA – Finance Class

IMD MBA - Finance Class – An extract from the Finance class taught by Professor Nuno Fernandes in the first module of the IMD MBA.

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10 Responses

  1. S Shar says:

    damn have’nt seen chalk in ages

  2. Fonseca429 says:

    What a surprise…this guy is portuguese and was a lecturer in my college.

  3. Premalatha Gadapa says:
  4. WhatTheFucckk says:


  5. diabolomail says:

    You are right, but it seems obvious to me that he simply made an
    approximation. His graph is still close enough to reality to illustrate
    what he’s saying at that moment.

  6. Allen CFA says:

    Great for the CFA exam!

  7. InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

    An excellent lecture on finance with a very descriptive example of options
    and futures.

  8. Chris Hudak says:

    yea, he kinda messed up. Man, doing my undergrad in finance and then doing
    accounting…wow, accounting is harder!! This seems just like my undergrad,
    how is this a masters program!!??

  9. sarmand777 says:

    3:01 the graph is wrong. The way it is depicted, it is as if the premium is
    equal to zero. In other words as if the call option was for free, which is
    never the case obviously

  10. Marc Kneubühler says:

    J ai rien compris… Bon, je ne suis qu’un petit ingénieur qui essai de
    créer de la vrai richesse…

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