If modern Man is still part of nature, what isn’t?

If modern Man is still part of nature, what isn't?

The following observations debunk the anthropocentric attitude that modern Man is “part of nature” no matter how much damage we do to it. Other animals are cited as pests or invasive species…

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5 Responses

  1. NoEcologyNoEconomy says:

    Name another species that has managed to keep GROWING its population out of
    balance with nature. Endless reproduction is different than constant
    population increases. I see little evidence that human growth will stop
    until it hits at least 9 billion or resource shortages force it to. Most
    people just trudge along and consume whatever they can grab.

  2. NoEcologyNoEconomy says:

    Your bark beetle argument is ironic, since AGW is weakening trees’
    resilience to beetle species that were normally controlled with colder
    winters and fewer droughts. Any species rampantly destroying nature is
    lacking natural checks & balances, and Man takes that to extreme levels.
    I’d suggest some college biology courses if you really think people are
    operating in a natural context. Also, beetles aren’t polluting nature with
    countless chemicals and radiation. There’s no comparison.

  3. Chris Peacock says:

    Electricity is natural but the way humans use it is unnatural. We have no
    need for electricity but unfortunately people in society are brought up to
    believe that everything they see in the world is how it’s supposed to be
    and simply live a life of ignorance without asking questions. Human thought
    is a double-edged sword. So long as humans think they can “replicate” or
    even “improve” nature, the cycle will continue.

  4. 7partparadigm says:

    For that first point: actually nearly every form of life banks on endless
    population growth to sustain itself. The real question we are faced with
    is: can we rise above the level of animal and become shepherds of this
    world like we need to to survive.

  5. 7partparadigm says:

    How about the bark beetle we enjoy so much down here in the great SW? Its
    still “a part of nature” even if its destroying its environment. There is
    nothing unnatural about humanity. So, all I’ve heard from you, Mr. Derk
    Doomsday, is attacks on other people’s ideas. What do you propose we do for
    electricity, if not renewables?

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