If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say

“You’re just not what I picture when I think of a white person.” Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/TZLLMp Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18yCF0b Share on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1…

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25 Responses

  1. Sergio Velasco says:

    My goodness, that was some good stuff. I can totally relate 

  2. Nancy Davis Brian says:

    I am white, English descent. I think this is hilarious.

  3. anahi varela says:

    That’s right cabron!!! you are in California learn how to speak Spanish

  4. Julia Gaspar says:

    Latinos aren’t all one race and one culture omfg

  5. Liz Bradford says:

    I’m Irish. But I’ve always wanted to be Latino or Hispanic.

  6. María Paula says:

    Heyyy!! some of us, latinos, are WHITE PEOPLE TOO!!

  7. daphne anali gonzales padilla says:

    I’m latina and I personally thought this video was hilarious lol this is
    exactly how we feel when white people ask all those stupid questions
    hahahaha. I just don’t get why everyone is so upset about this when they’re
    are always making fun of latinos, what? It’s only ok when white people do
    it? Come on 4 real!? Wtf!! Anyway regardless of all the bullshit ¡WE ARE
    ALL HUMAN BEINGS! Remember that y’all.

  8. Anguel Gutierrez says:

    I hate it when people think that I am white. Not all Mexicans are brown you

  9. Clary Bradshaw says:

    Um, last time I checked I was latina AND white. This is stupid.

  10. Maria Bramo says:

    Are Italian classed as latino? 

  11. Luckydeath973 says:

    Do people here understund that this is a F*CKING JOKE ? The f*cking point
    is not how latino look or how ” white ” people look , just what some people
    say that is ok when it’s actually not . Who the f*ck cares that there is
    white latino or black latino or purple latino , it’s not the goal of the
    video , wich was to talk about stereotypes ,racism and double standarts .

  12. Colored Beauty says:

    Why are white people crying? Lol, this is something minorities go through
    on a daily basis. You don’t see us whining. 

  13. John Clark says:

    As expected they have a latino, asian, and black version. I think buzzfeed
    forgot someone lol.


  14. cmiller8492 says:

    Look how much minorities hate white people. 

  15. VeganJulie says:

    Im a withe, greene eyes, blonde Mexican like many Mexicans, and I find this

  16. Samantha “Midnightslip” K says:


  17. Guii Mathers says:

    Lol this is stereotypical.

    Argentinians are even whiter than Americans.

  18. Bre ME says:


  19. Tim Tom says:

    White guilt = What is killing America. 

  20. Luly Marcilese says:

    ¡VIVA LATINOAMERICA! Jodanse gringos… Jodanse… No nos etiqueten de
    negros somos todos iguales y para su información la mayoría de
    latinoamericanos somos blancos, y de descendencia europea, perras por favor
    cierren sus bocas… Además solo conocen a México, seguro que ni enterados
    de Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela… Y otros
    varios países que compartimos esta hermosa y variada lengua… Que por
    cierto es muy gracioso verlos tratar de imitarnos <3 ( gringos... Si alguno
    llega a entender este mensaje les digo que tengan sentido de humor, en
    parte es lo que Enserio pienso, pero obviamente estoy exagerando) 

  21. Nicholas Covucci says:

    I hate white people 

  22. TheSaintslive says:

    WHITE CHICK NOT LATIN!!!!!! plus latins arnt fucken ugly like that girl

  23. All mighty says:

    Wait, I thought Latino’s was white Spaniards ?

  24. El Toro says:

    To all the people in the comments saying shit like “I’m Latino/a AND
    white!!! This video is stupid!!!” you are literally missing the entire
    point of this video. I’m Mexican-American, both my parents came from Mexico
    (Sonora to be exact) and I’ve been living in Oregon since I was born. I
    have fairly light skin, hazel eyes, light brown hair, speak fluent Spanish
    and this video is SPOT ON. Again you are missing the point, this video is
    calling white people out on everything us Latinos face. Moments like at 1:21
    where the girl is like “you’re white? you’re not how I picture a white
    person” is something I hear literally every other day. “You’re Mexican? But
    you don’t look very Mexican, you look more like us than you do them”. This
    video makes fun of the non-Latino white people because when they hear the
    word “Latino” they think black hair, dark eyes, almond/brown skin with
    accents. They don’t realize that there are white Latinos, black Latinos,
    Asian Latinos, and the “stereotypical” Latinos that come from the Aztecs,
    Mayans, Incas and other Native groups from the Americas that mixed with the
    European settlers and conquistadors that you are more than likely used to
    seeing. BuzzFeed knows that Latinos aren’t all one race and that’s exactly
    what they’re getting at in this video because no matter what race you are,
    if you’re Latino you hear shit like this at least ONCE in your life. And
    I’m not trying to offend the white Latinos on here that feel the need to
    point out that they’re “white and Latino” but trying to separate yourself
    by pointing that out isn’t helping and just makes you sound like you think
    you shouldn’t be treated like a Latino because of your European ancestry. 

  25. sonya likes food says:

    europeans do not have small quiet families…my families fucking crazy

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