IEM Kiev: I Will Dominate: “No matter what situation, we are going for the win!”

IEM Kiev: I Will Dominate: Interview with I Will Dominate: : “No matter what situation, we are going for the win!” January 19th – 22nd 2012 CyberSport Arena Intel Extreme…
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25 Responses

  1. kepeke xpeke says:

    song Name? 0:00 ?

  2. xxlegendify says:

    damn fat deman

  3. MrPeppla says:

    i dont think so, he just said they are going for the win. what are your
    plans when you go to a tourament?

  4. Soap360 says:


  5. ivanlindh says:

    They got M5’d.

  6. lacrosseb1tc4 says:

    Cold as hell -.-

  7. Raynetee says:

    He got dominated

  8. Rantz O says:


  9. Sebastian Stein says:

    @daveparkk moscow five

  10. Azure Sora no Senshi says:

    0,7% most toxic players in the world. A true top-fucking-notch-player. Die.

  11. David Trefftz Restrepo says:


  12. aaarmbik says:

    Toxic player 😀

  13. Nikola Calic says:

    Cold as hell ? dumb american

  14. bluto780 says:


  15. David Matta says:

    m5 raped everyone, awesome play by em.

  16. Liiiiiing says:

    What a faggot

  17. Justin. Taylor says:

    iwilldominate looks way better with short hair

  18. Albert Arriola says:

    Ah so he was on complexity and they picked him up wow. Complexity never
    makes it passed group stages… i wonder how good he is. I know hes high in
    the soloque rankings, but thats about it.

  19. Jacko Kapone says:

    Got out jungled by pretty much everyone.

  20. xbiozatic1 says:


  21. El Guapo Ben says:


  22. Keep701 says:

    I’m going to take TSM on this one.

  23. SamOne44 says:

    @YourH4cker /watch?v=AoN2wYKAdpM

  24. Andy nson says:

    gg m5 h4h4h4h4

  25. James Chung says:


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