I WAS BORN THIS WAY = Epigenetics + Biology + Nature + Nurture

TOPIC THIS WEEK: “What’s your position on why we are the way we are, be it gay, bi, trans… whatever? Some say genetic, others say something happens in the womb, while others point to nurture…
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  1. John C says:

    Even among those of a religious persuasion who accept that we were born
    this way, I often hear that God made us this way. But I find that answer
    lacking, and would like to know Nature’s purpose — Assuming we were born
    this way “for a reason.”
    (Clearly, Nature isn’t SOLELY concerned about procreation, or we would have
    been phased out a long time ago. As usual, Nature knows best. )
    btw: Nature=Natural. 

  2. TheEvolution ofMan says:

    Great video! I’ve never seen your channel before, I’m glad that I found it.
    I actually just made a video about a similar issue focused on the biology
    of being transgender. Keep it up!

  3. CountryComesToTown says:

    @twish1999 Hey Trish. Thanks so much for watching! 🙂 Jim

  4. CountryComesToTown says:

    @OKflaMAN Thanks so much for watching. Something that occurs with this
    frequency in nature can’t be a mistake. We are here for a reason and yes,
    there are millions of us! 🙂 Jim

  5. m75artin says:

    Great video as always Jim. I’ve had the same fear, that if our being gay is
    due to one gene that it could led to the “extermination” of LGBT people and
    culture by parents choosing not have children with that gene. As we all
    know the problem is not if it is a choice or if we are born LGBT, but how
    society treats those of us who are LGBT. I’ve always found it funny that
    the one protected characteristic that is a choice, religion, says we don’t
    deserve protection because being LGBT is a “choice.”

  6. gilbertblaze says:

    @CountryComesToTown your welcome Buddy! LOL

  7. CountryComesToTown says:

    @KristenMac100 That’s so true, Kris. Thanks so much for watching a being a
    part of OutLateButGreat! 🙂 Jim

  8. CountryComesToTown says:

    @timido66 Thanks Van. And, thank you so much for following and being part
    of what we’re doing here. I always love it when you join us as a guest
    vlogger! 🙂 Jim

  9. Jim Stone says:

    Wow Jim..you blew me away this week!!! That video was AWESOME!!! I never
    saw it before…I can’t wait to show it to Dave..he loves that kind of
    stuff. I think we are all 100% on the same page on this one. Being gay was
    no picnic growing up in this society. To all of the crazies out there that
    say it’s a choice..let me introduce you to my middle extended finger!!!! 🙂

  10. conway7734 says:

    Great video. No, being LGBT won’t go away. So much for the “gay agenda”,
    huh? Thanks for the clip and the video. Hugs,

  11. CountryComesToTown says:

    @gilbertblaze Hey there Gilbert. Thanks for watching buddy!


    Great video Jim! I like the fact you brought up something that I was
    thinking of too. Love it! Happy Anniversary my OLGB brother!!

  13. gilbertblaze says:

    wow very detail video there Jim.. THought I was watching Dr.Oz for a minute
    with that footage from N.G… lol Just like Lady Gaga said “We Were Born
    This Way” hehe

  14. CountryComesToTown says:

    @stoner829 Thanks Jim. I loved the clip when I discovered it a couple of
    years ago and saved it for the perfect moment. Let us know what Dave thinks
    about it. Thanks for watching my friend! 🙂

  15. phekwig says:

    Fascinating clip, Jim… Thanks for sharing.

  16. CountryComesToTown says:

    @reflectivelife Thanks Tracey. I was just saying to someone else that
    something that occurs at this rate in nature, can’t be a mistake. We are
    certainly here for a reason and I’m glad we are! Hope you have a great day
    my friend. 🙂 Hugs!

  17. PaintedRavensong says:

    Thank you for this great comment!!

  18. m75artin says:

    There’s a cartoon video on YouTube that helps explain if homosexuality is a
    choice. Search under “Gay Education – Is Homosexuality a Choice? ” to find
    it. Not only is it educational, but it’s funny as well. It talks about the
    twin thing as well as other examples of how being LGBT is biological and
    not a choice.

  19. RobertaSaidThat says:

    Very cool- Happy coming out to you!

  20. CountryComesToTown says:

    @m75artin The idea that a single cause might be discovered, really is a
    scary thought, because the religious right would set about try to fix or
    eliminate all of us. Interesting thought about religion being a protected
    choice. I never really thought about it like that.

  21. CountryComesToTown says:

    @scottc1231 Oh thanks so much for weighing in on this topic! You are so
    right, that’s what really matters in the end! -Jim

  22. CountryComesToTown says:

    @PaintedRavensong Hey Mic. That really is a great clip isn’t it. I’ve
    searched and searched for more of that segment but I just can’t find
    anything. There are some interesting other articles on their sight however.
    It really would be a boring place if we were all straight and acted just
    alike. LOL Thanks for watching fourteen minutes. Brent, said oh my god,
    there are tv shows not that long. hehehe

  23. Daniel Andrade says:

    Not everybody is christian, thank God for that. We can’t impose our believe
    onto others. We all are in this world and sociaty as guest so we should
    learn to live with the rest and respect their believes and choices,
    specially when some things (like sex orientation) are not choices.

  24. timido66 says:

    Great video. The clip was very interesting. Congrats to all of you for your
    first year.

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