I want to help white people with History!

I want to help white people with History!

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  1. Gazi Kodzo says:


  2. Suna Aoimori says:

    Gazi, I saw your facebook comment about you glorifying Mugabe over Obama
    and whilst Obama is no angel. You are absolutely oblivious on Mugabe and
    his more restrictive oppressive policies on ZImbabwe not only is his
    goverment corrupt and locks up political prisoners but he oppresses people
    LIKE YOU. Shame on you for advocating for such a monster on your facebook

  3. Jeremiah says:

    READ TO FILTH sorry lucy lmao

  4. Michael Lovai says:

    +Gazi Kodzo keep it coming. Your harsh truth is their harsh wake up call.
    They can’t help themselves. I recently just broke up with my German
    bestfriend. Like friends not girlfriend lol. I’d love to exchange ideas 

  5. Jordan Sykes says:

    +Gazi Kodzo Have you noticed as soon as you speak the truth, white people
    show you who they truly are? Lol Instead of going off and researching this
    for themselves, they choose to sit behind the protection of their computer
    screens and be the racist people they so badly try to hide. 

  6. Qweena Williams says:

    Why are people in the comments so maad? Civilization started in black ass,
    “nigger filled”, “bushmen”, “mud hut” Africa. One of the richest most
    flourshing empires in the world the Mali Empire was in West Africa. Mansa
    Musa the king still holds the title as richest man in the world till this
    day. Africa was a flourishing land, historians (before the world became
    anti-black) marvled at it’s riches and advancement. Africa had medicine and
    technology and civilization long before the whites were even here and
    before they began to use the black race as a target for oppression and
    enslavement and moniterial greed. The Mali, Songhai, Kingdom of Ghana,
    Mossi Kingdoms and the Benin empire were few of the strongest most
    flourishing African empires in history. Whites from all over traveled to
    Africa to learn and study. The black Moors brought technological
    advancements, art and culture to Europe helping to spark their renaissance.
    When slaves were stolen from Africa they were so skilled and advanced they
    had to rip them of every part of their culture. The old slaves were chiefs,
    nobles, farmers, medicine men, and masters of their crafts. New slaves
    learned how to read and write at exceptional rates and their skills
    surpassed that of their own masters. Mozart classical era God was HEAVILY
    influened by the black classical musician Chevalier de Saint- Georges.
    Beethoven himself had close african genes coming from his mother. He was
    often teased for his “afro hair”. Like he said musical instruments
    ORIGINATED in Africa, The banjo/gutair, the harp, the thumb keyboard
    (modern day piano), the drums. RESEARCH PEOPLE. It’s ok though, I know you
    guys are heavily lied to and kept from the truths because of euro-centric,
    white supremacist teachings. 🙂 

  7. DetectiveTective says:

    It’s really interesting to see all the negative comments here… Yet when
    the same video is brought to Tumblr, there’s a lot of support for it lol

  8. Lama Takahama says:

    This is what black people tell themselves to make themselves feel better
    about their incredibly pathetic history. 

  9. Sigvardr Olafson says:

    So you can’t appropriate the dominant culture? Okay, let’s pretend that’s
    true, like we’re are playing a table-top game, with different rules than
    the real world. If it’s true, that you can only appropriate oppressed,
    marginalized people’s culture, why does he not have a problem appropriating
    female culture?

  10. Mclendon89 says:

    It’s Ruby Rhod from *The Fifth Element*! Sorry, but you nigs are still
    living in grass huts, smearing yourselves in shit, and showering in
    cow-piss over in the Motherland. Your “people” have yet to invent the
    wheel. The idea that you invented classical music is beyond laughable.

  11. KamikazethecatII says:

    What? Do you have a brain? White people did invent classical music! And
    countries, and modern medicine, and all those other things you listed!
    Just because you had similar instruments doesn’t negate the fact that
    white people created classical music.

  12. shinexed says:

    “Black people invented everything”
    [Citation needed]

  13. Holdin McGroin says:

    Remember when black people claimed they were the ancient Egyptians, until
    genetic testing of a mummy showed he had the same haplogroup as the average
    Western European? Damn Africans, always stealing the accomplishments of
    other races.

  14. SpanishDuke says:

    If a white male said what this guy said – “My people own everything; your
    people should stay out of this, my people gave you everything” he would be
    flagged for racism…

  15. lonelyinsociety says:

    Lmao all these white people are getting so defensive, saying shit like,
    “You think this person’s for real?!” It’s so funny, none of them even have
    any real, fully-researched arguments. Glad to know people like being openly
    ignorant racists. Keep on, Kodzo. (: 

  16. absol says:

    White people like to live under this delusion that the world would be a
    shithole without them, when in actuality, the world actually is a shithole
    because of them. 

  17. Valencia Dotson says:

    I LOVE this. White people can’t handle all that truth. You’re fucking cool.

  18. Sensei Aishitemasu says:

    whites really need to be wiped off the face of the earth 

  19. Српски Жар says:

    Go back to Africa, leave a country founded by Europeans.

  20. Jonathan Leese says:

    Ethiopians are Caucasian and North Africans are too. At the time they were,
    more specifically, European. Classical music originated in Europe; it was
    invented by Europeans. You’re reasoning is very flawed because the
    invention of an instrument is not the invention of the music that certain
    people create from it. Also, to appropriate is to take. If whites can
    appropriate, so can blacks. Sociology tends not to follow the logic bound
    by language and philosophy, making it significantly flawed for argument.
    History lesson: whites have contributed more to the world than every race.
    Almost all fighting, raping and pillaging was done by them to each other.
    Colonialism started with whites to other whites. White slave trade was
    bigger than black slave trade ever was. Black slavery was started by
    blacks. Arguably, the only demonizing thing whites have ever done is the
    “genocide” of the American Indians. You have no proper argument. You are
    just some guy with a victim complex whose head has been filled with lies. 

  21. Hadivyah Burgess says:

    all you stupid pink people do is steal kill and destroy nothing else good
    you have done on this planet that has been good!!! I thank the Ancestors
    for Gazi Kodzo courage,bravery to speak to you cave people the Truth and
    the Truth will set you free!!!

  22. smily179 says:

    theres so many ”white” videos on your channel
    is this the only interesting topic to you?
    all you do is promote hate speech against white people
    how we going to end racism if you keep promoting it

  23. Jennie Hagen says:

    You’re a conspiracy theorist .. and absolutely mental

  24. badgalbynes says:

    The racist people in the comment section are just proving his point. I’m
    white and nothing he says offends me because he’s not speaking directly to
    me. If you’re offended by his words, you obviously are the guilty party
    he’s talking about. All you guys are doing is just making people angrier,
    and its only a matter of time before you slip up in the streets where a
    computer monitor can’t protect you. Y’all be blessed now 

  25. KunaiKnife96 says:

    This is what the common negroid individual actually believes. Holy fucking

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