How White People Order Ethnic Food

Katy French and Jonathan Rowell order food at their favorite Vietnamese restaurant…with a few modifications. Directed by Chuck Oldfield. Edited by Michael Johnson. Straight White Males is…
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25 Responses

  1. Rachel Nguyen says:

    More like, this is how people order viet food in LA

  2. Hans Nam says:

    as a Vietnamese and having worked as a waiter, yes it’s true

  3. Kat Blaque says:

    Came here for the butt hurt comments, was not disappointed.

  4. Hetty L says:

    Kyong yong = spring rolls = goi cuon LOL 

  5. Arckane Men says:

    I work in a thai restaurant, I can confirm this is true

  6. ZoeAlleyne says:

    Please make more. If you had a dollar for every white tear this video
    produced you would be funded for a few years at least.

  7. Truong Nguyen says:

    What the f*** is vegetarian Pho?

  8. Reflox1 says:

    It’s not what white people do, it’s what Americans do.
    I saw americans ordering food like this in Switzerland and Germany too.

  9. Zeph says:

    Fuckin whities I tell ya what. 

  10. pizzarelaguy says:

    Uh huh, as opposed to a black guy going
    See, I can be offensive too

  11. SoySauS says:

    This is why I only go to In-n-Out like a good white boy.

  12. Jeremy Hodges says:


  13. Luminary says:

    “And a side of… flavorful sauce.”
    Nigga dafuq?

  14. Nihilfist says:

    If this video was “How Black People Order Ethnic Food”, just imagine how
    differently the reaction would be.

  15. Damita Jo says:

    ok I fell down when he brought over the mcnuggets 

  16. Solie Kim says:

    i remember my friend doesn’t like cilantro in pho (quite important
    ingredient to make pho’s special flavor). but actually, white people’s
    preferences make kinda new version of pho. as a vietnamese, I dont mind at
    all and accept both traditional and american styled ones.

  17. Honor Burrows says:

    i think you mean “how americans order ethnic food”

  18. Amanda Nguyen says:

    That continuity issue when the waiter takes the menus away and she says “me
    too!” But the menus are still in their hands. this video was hilarious!

  19. ironmantis25 says:

    Holy crap, just say I want #1. done

  20. Torbjørn Larsen says:

    White people often comes from small ethnic minorities. Sometimes without
    knowing it. So what is ethnic food? Maybe something many white people
    already eat several days every month. Ethnic doesn’t exclude white people. 

  21. Edgar Figaro says:

    I’ve lived in both Italy and England and all Asians did was eat at Asian
    restaurants and complain the native food sucked.

  22. Douglas Bermudez says:

    Oh man this had me rollllling! 

  23. Truong Nguyen says:

    All of this for a $3 tip? WTF?

  24. negawut says:

    lol chicken nuggets = vietnamese food ;))

  25. Zystus says:

    Lol, what the pho?

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