How to Win Friends and Influence People in Five Minutes or Less

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15 Responses

  1. Kertamo says:

    And my question to you, if you don’t mind: “Why do you want to influence
    people in the first place?”

  2. Jaxx d says:

    You sound empty from the inside, just outside gestures. I hope that wasn’t
    the book’s advice. I was planning on reading it.

  3. Michael Uebelhack says:

    David, David, How would you like to team up with me in boosting the
    self-esteem of my clientele? Get back to me, it’ll be worth it. Thank you.
    You are very important. I sincerely believe this! We Need You! Me2U, aka

  4. Christopher Mcinga says:

    Be a good listener. Thanks 

  5. Free Cuban says:

    In 5 Minutes? Are there some IDIOTS THERE WHO BELIEVE THIS SHIT? Try to
    Influence your boss that he or she accepts your ideas. Try to influence
    people who are so full of shit and cannot accept that you are more
    intelligent than they are. 

  6. Babs Wagner says:

    Excellent summary totally identifying all nine points AND keeping it under
    the 5 minute mark! Well done!!!

  7. manoj lakshan says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover tips on how to influence
    people try *Enlarbo Amazing Hypno Wizard* (search on google ) ? Ive heard
    some incredible things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with

  8. Tushar Upadhyay says:

    one more principle : always add humor in your talk .People will surely

  9. Sheryn Otom says:

    smiling, listening and making people feel important are definitely the most

  10. doedfiskjr says:

    This is a really cool book, and the principles are really useful to spread.
    I think the video could be even more powerful if it used the principles it
    is discussing. I seem to recall the idea that everyone is their own
    favourite person, so one should focus on them rather than oneself. Don’t
    you think it’d be better to focus on what the principles can do for the
    general viewer than spending the first minute telling people about Carnegie
    and yourself and your business? Now, I’m no expert on this and I know I’m
    violating the principle about criticising, but maybe you can exercise the
    principle about seeing the question from my point of view?

  11. wakairitu says:


  12. anti venom says:


  13. Yolanda Escobar says:

    nice information

  14. Bike Rider says:

    Maybe his business isnt on youtube.

  15. hugegainsworkout says:

    why do u only have 900 n something views with ur successful business?

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