How to use American Electronics in Europe. 110-240v Use a Plug Adapter or Transformer

How to use American Electronics in Europe. 110-240v Use a Plug Adapter or Transformer

How to use an American 110v electronic devise in Europe that has 220v power source. If there are questions leave a comment or e-mail us at 110v to 220v American…

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  1. Domesticengineerdad says:

    Have you ever wondered how to use your #American #electronics in #Europe?

  2. NYCCorey says:

    Interesting. I’m wondering about how to adapt/convert a European range with
    220v to work in my U.S. home with 120v. Just do the reverse as in video, or
    are there other considerations for a large appliance (it’s gas-powered but
    has a 220v ignitor).

  3. Mr. A-Ortiz 37 says:

    So if I where to play a PS2, Game Cube, and Xbox Original PAL European
    console I would need the Transformer but in American plug? If so, how much?

  4. Cristina Toth says:

    Hello! I’m bringing my desktop computer (US plugs) to the UK. Any tips on
    how to safely use my computer there (i.e. what kind of adapters,
    transformers?) Thanks! 

  5. David83FY says:

    The European standard voltage is 230V and 120V US, 110 and 220 V is a old
    In my country, Spain, in some 230 3phase installations, 130 V can be
    obtained by taking a phase and neutral.
    120-130 V should be standard worldwide, 220-230 V are very dangerous!

  6. LegendCraft_TheYoutuber says:

    Can I use a ups with European sockets instead of a transformer?

  7. justin woelfel says:

    Could a plug adapter work if it says 120-240 v and this will be used for a
    small projector 

  8. Jason Cramer says:

    super helpful. thank you! i’m moving to Belgium and want to bring my
    HDTV, DVD player, etc so I don’t have to buy all new right away. 

  9. M.G.D al tayeb says:

    i have 110 v in my home it is safe to put 120 in it right ???

  10. Vince Voyeur says:

    A tip for any would be travellers to the UK:

    A cheap source of plug adaptors in the UK are the discount stores on each
    High Street, like £1 Shop, 99p Shop, Poundworld etc.

    These stores sell adaptors for 99p/£1 that other stores (like Boots the
    Chemists) happily sell for £6 or more, with no real difference in quality.

    A UK shaver adaptor plug would also work, although the fuse in them is 1 or
    2 amps. Many hotels have a ‘shaver socket’ that is 120 or 240V and takes
    both 2 round pin European and US plugs, without an adaptor.

    If you need a transformer, Maplin (electrical store on most high streets),
    sells a 45 watt 240 to 120v stepdown transformer for about £10, when on
    special offer.

    Don’t bother bringing things like hairdryers here, just buy one for £10.
    Make sure this is multi-voltage (a coin or something with a flat edge to
    change the voltage.

    Most things a traveller would use (mobile/cellphone, camera and laptops)
    have a switchmode power supply and sometimes plug adaptors with them.

  11. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Is 110/240v the same as 110-240v?

  12. Andreas Stadler says:

    Hi, I have an American Phone from the 80s. It says on the power supply
    plug “Input: 117 V 60 Hz 8.W”. Do I need a converter to run it in Europe on
    240 V. I bought an adapter before and tried it out, the lights went on for
    a second and then they went out again. I don’t think I fried it, because
    there was no smoke or bang, but I’m not so sure. I hope it still works.

  13. ali says:

    Can I do that for my xbox ?

  14. WTFproductions says:

    Would it work if i plugged an American extension cord with multiple outlets
    at the end into that transformer and plug multiple things in as long as
    they don’t exceed 1000W all together?

  15. David Berquist says:

    somethings have a switch 120 240 you set manualy

  16. Domesticengineerdad says:

    This is a good question. I used my American light fixtures in Europe with
    just a plug adapter. Although I did change the light bulbs out. If the
    wrong bulbs are used they will blow or burn out very fast. So it is
    important to use the correct light bulbs. Bulbs that are bought is the
    country you are in will work fine.

  17. Sara's Beauty Blog says:

    What if the device has a / instead of a -? So if it says 110V/240V? Will it
    still work?

  18. sarah jaafar says:

    Hi, my laptop say 110-240 and I want to take to the middle East and I’m
    wondering if it going to work with the Adapter or I need Transformer??

  19. jayja45 says:

    Why the US uses a measly 120 volts is beyond me, I would have to use a step
    up transformer to get anything near the amount of voltage

  20. redcapote says:

    Is there any sort of transformer that will take multiple 110v appliances? I
    live in Spain and want to purchase some audio electronics from the US that
    are more than likely not available in 220v. Thank you!

  21. Domesticengineerdad says:

    I have put links to possible solutions into the video description section.
    If she brings a laptop check the power adapter and it should say 110-240v
    if so then use a plug adapter. If other items she brought say 220/240v then
    a transformer is needed. Make sure to use one that is large enough to
    handle the watts. Some items may be easier to replace. 220v electronics
    often act different on 110v power. Hope this helps.

  22. Aaron P says:

    shit get a monster for like 800Euro that will take 20,000 WATS and then you
    can power multiuple shit

  23. Domesticengineerdad says:

    NP, Have fun gaming.

  24. Domesticengineerdad says:

    @damythbuster247 If there is a voltage selector switch on the PC you will
    only need a plug adapter. A travel adapter as you call it is both a plug
    adapter and a mini transformer. You will have to check the travel adapter
    for its rated wattage range, they come in different sizes. Keep in mind
    that travel adapters are designed for temporary use and may not last. I
    think your best bet is to get a PC with a voltage selector switch and a
    $0.50 plug adapter(the white piece in the video).

  25. Domesticengineerdad says:

    Yes, it will. those symbols are used interchangeably by different

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