How to Trust People – with JP Sears

How to Trust People - with JP Sears

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9 Responses

  1. Archangel Baw says:
  2. AwakenWithJP says:
  3. Sana Alhusseini says:
  4. lovestheanswer12 says:

    Oh and one more thing, you don’t necessarily need a therapist to get this
    work done. Ive been to millions of them and they can actually hinder your
    growth because I had found a lot of them had not really done enough of
    their own work. too much into the clinical side of it. Some are excellent,
    usually very expensive. So don’t settle and waste your time. But if you
    have a burning desire to break through your pain, just simply spend
    enormous amounts of time being alone so when the brutal pain of
    abandonment, fear, sadness, etc comes up, you have the time and space to
    deal with that badly hurt child within yourself, by intently listening to
    what’s being said inside yourself. that’s why it took me 50 years to heal –
    I had 3 minor children to listen to, and didn’t have the time and space to
    listen to the bleeding one inside myself. Sigh… the ironies of life.

  5. MsAisha1989 says:

    Solid and deep

  6. stine klostergaard says:

    you give me so much balance and love

  7. Robin Wood says:

    I totally agree that our body as a whole; mind, heart, soul, will guide us
    to what our spirit needs.. IE if you have warning signs early on, then you
    will continue living a life of hurt. Trust is gained, and a fragile thing
    at that!

  8. lovestheanswer12 says:

    It took me 50 long and painful years and several screwed up toxic
    relationships to figure out that I did not know how to trust people,
    because ,yes, I could not trust myself to know better WHO to trust. I was
    exactly the person being described here. My wounded inner self (child)
    always seemed to choose untrustworthy people. I guess that was the norm to
    me, and I guess I felt “safe” within those types of relationships. Another
    piece to this truth in this video, or the next step is becoming aware that
    we also end picking bad relationships because we don’t feel like we deserve
    the healthy ones. They feel foreign to those of us who were repeatedly
    abused as a child. It was a lot of work, a huge huge decision to stay
    constantly aware of my feelings new and old that would/will (its a process)
    come up, and being 1,000,000,000 percent honost about what I was really
    feeling BEFORE I would stuff it down, slough it off, or numb it out. It has
    been a full time job – paying attention to, and healing my real self. It
    has been a BILLION percent worth it. Little by little I am reclaiming my
    true and authentic self. Slowly the negative about me and my life is
    turning into positive. It is soooo worth doing this work. Thanks for this
    most valuable and dynamic instruction JP, on how to take in the reigns on
    self discovery. You are so brilliant…

  9. Suzanne Sweeney says:

    As usual, this video gave me plenty to consider, thank you. I’m trying to
    decide whether I’m not trusting and listening to myself or whether I’m
    being too harsh and judgmental toward my partner who occasionally tells
    white lies. And did I, or someone else, do something to bring that about in
    him? The questions persist, making the answers somewhat elusive, for now.

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