How to thaw frozen baby food

How to thaw frozen baby food

A very common question from first time moms: how to thaw baby food. I’m sharing with you three ways that I used tons of times with my little ones: they are all safe and easy! For more details,…
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6 Responses

  1. BuonaPappa says:

    First video of a new series: baby food basics! Let me know your thoughts!

  2. Valeska Mahon says:

    Very helpful, thank you!! 

  3. 2009lelele says:

    Glad that I’m found your channel ! Thanks for sharing the tips & recipes :)

  4. Shyla Sharmin says:

    Thanks a lot…I always following ur recipes. It’s super easy and

  5. CherTenbush says:

    If I have children, I’m sending them over to your house until they can feed
    themselves. 😀 

  6. JasFamily says:

    How do you travel with ur homemade baby food? For example you have the baby
    food in the refrigerator and put the container in ur bag? How long can that
    be out for? Or how do you do it.. 

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