How to Talk to People Without Being Awkward: 3 Quick Tips

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25 Responses

  1. PeakYourMind says:

    @AaronJones no need to complain or fake it people respect what’s real

  2. gabijonesmusic says:

    Thank you so much :)

  3. Ebba Lundholm says:

    I get so easily red i My face cuz Im a very shy person, and I really want
    to talk to people without bring my phone out but, i don’t want the person
    that Im talking with to see that Im getting so red!

  4. Emily Dempsey says:

    hahah I can relate to your singing outbursts

  5. JK Lee says:

    Hi Martin, I just came across one of your videos today and have just been
    clicking on one after another! You’re awesome, man! Love your presence,
    what you have to say, how you express it, how you’re so down to earth –
    amazing! Looking forward to checking out more of your stuff!!! 

  6. Milan Tique says:

    For me, now a days I have become docially awkward which is stupid since I
    was the guy that was friends with everyone but now nothing runs through my
    head. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to annoy the other person and
    that’s when my brain shuts down. I have been called a pill before, you can
    only take me once a day. But these days all I’m thinking about is school
    and why do I suck at making new friends. Also don’t pull your phone out
    when someone wants to talk to you, it’s just rude.

  7. Georgia Johnson says:

    An old friend on Facebook keeps wanting to talk to me on Facebook when u
    see each others faces, so I’m like, not now, but I do want to talk to them,
    I’m just shy 🙁 he’s a boy and all! 

  8. PeakYourMind says:

    @Edenkifle hope this helps! How to Be Cool Around Your Crush

  9. trumpetdude27 says:

    Hey nice video! You’re absolutely right! I’m socially awkward. I’m a 23
    year old guy and I just want ppl to like me and listen to what I have to
    say. Sometimes ppl ignore me. I’m not a bad person, I just want TRUE
    friends. I guess my socially awkwardness is why I never been in a

  10. isnarck says:

    Hey, Martin!
    Awesome video! I suddenly realized I’m a big fan of yours (yep, first video
    of yours I saw) 🙂
    Now say I just started talking to a person at the elevator (a neighbor
    maybe) and the creature just doesn’t seem to care. You know, the person is
    not in the mood for cheap chatting or maybe he/she is just in love with
    their cell/ipod/self.
    Is there any real good tip so I can make it happen without looking like a
    psychopath? Or should I live and let die? I mean, it happens so often I am
    considering taking the stairs =/


  11. Debra Schipper says:
  12. Gregg Sandler says:

    “I have a little ADD” made me lol

  13. Capi Swift says:

    That’s exactly what I do when I meet new people! When the conversation
    lulls I whip out the old Avatar method – just stare straight in their eyes
    and say “I… I seee you”, then I intensify my eyes a little, maybe a
    little flair of the nostrils if possible and wait for them to react. It
    certainly weeds out the weirdos at least.

  14. Aaron Jones says:

    thanks, but i hate talking about myself. whenever people ask me about my
    life, i get all awkward and stuff because i dont want to complain, but i
    dont want to fake it and make my life seem SO GREAT when its just alright.

  15. Mary Bernard says:

    Adorable thanks a lot! 

  16. Skaatman says:

    Dude get a book end. I kept waiting for your books to come tumbling off the
    desk lol. Good video though.

  17. Michael Timothy Ferrari Lukman says:

    i totally agree with “be genuinely interested”
    you can ask thousands of questions or stories or statements or anything if
    you’re interested with it
    *that tips is more likely concludes everything you said xD*

  18. pwnkido says:

    Great channel! 

  19. Richard Williams says:

    What does it mean to be genuinely interested, i cant quite grasp the
    meaning of being genuine!!

  20. RattForever says:

    I think my problem is thinking too much.. like when I talk to people I try
    and think of the best possible thing to say or the right thing to say that
    will get the best reaction from that person or whatever will get them to
    think I’m cool or nice to chill with.. I feel like I’m always looking for
    the right thing to say. I also have a quiet voice and I’m not really the
    smartest person but I don’t like the feeling of awkwardness, so if you can
    could you please help me out with this

  21. Justin K says:

    Video is pretty great, these tips seem common sense but I definitely need
    to reflect on this.

    Sometimes I introduce my people and ask them how their day was and they
    seem to just answer “it was good” or look at me strangely… I think it is
    probably because the question isn’t really open ended or there’s just not
    much to build off of.

    The other day I asked someone who I met recently how their Thursday was
    (it was Friday) and they just seemed confused and then responded the way
    people usually do. They didn’t seem very interested, and that’s OK – just
    feels very awkward and makes self-conscious of what I say.

  22. Julie S says:

    I’m going through all your videos right now because next year I’m going to
    a highscool in england and I don’t want to act weird. But probably I’ll
    just stand there smiling friendly and listen bc my english is really bad 😀
    Anyways I really like ur videos! Stay the way you are :)

  23. Alec Thomas says:

    You’re awesome man. I have a wicked difficult problem with being myself and
    trying to impress people. What should I do?

  24. Isaac Bootbull says:

    Thanks for the good tips. I have social anxiety disorder. 

  25. HighClasssNegro says:

    “be an open book” ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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